Ghosts of Halloween past

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An entire orchestra in KISS makeup????
Sounds wild, Batgrl!

So far, my October has been QUIET and UNEVENTFUL… just the way I like it. (for anyone that recalls, my war with this State began a year ago last week.) If anything, we’ve been given some promising news in January… but I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop.

So let’s drift back to…
Halloween 1986 – Like most of the 80’s, it was a great time to be alive. My buddies and I did our usual tradition, and hit Greenwich Village (N.Y.C.) for the annual parade…

  • On the M Train heading to the Village from Brooklyn
  • Me with Mike and Tony causing mayhem on the streets of N.Y.C.
  • It was a fun night. The parade rocked… The Village People were on a float, they were playing the Palladium that night for (yet another) comeback. Cars were trying to get through the streets and the crowd was smashing thier windshields in. Don’t bother calling the cops, cuz they couldn’t get through either.

    We also crashed a party where I met a hot looking spanish woman in a tiger costume… mrrrrrowr! It all had the makings of the movie “Bachelor Party”. Remember the one guy who was getting a divorce and was trying to kill himself all night…? That role was played by one of my friends (not in the pics), who was just dumped by a girlfriend, and he just kept drinking himself into a stupor (he can’t drink, btw). He spent the night over a toilet praying for the sweet release of death.

    Lotsa fun!
    (And like the movie, Tom Hanks didn’t get laid that night either… other than that, a great night!)

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    6 Responses to Ghosts of Halloween past

    1. desert flower says:

      I think I can now officially say I love NY and who said the 80s what a complete waste of time?! Purple…ummmmm *wink*

    2. batty says:

      *giggling muchly over the purple leopardskin pants*

    3. -e- says:

      Kira: I was a cute kid back then. I look like hell now.
      Batgrl: Oh there you go about the spandex again… it was the 80’s. Shut up. 😛

    4. kd says:

      oh mercy. you know, the 80’s are the next decade/style due to come back around. god help us all.

    5. Nico says:

      You have a picture? Of the spanish woman in the tiger costume? I think it’s in many people’s interest.
      And you and your purple pants are a quite cute team ;o)

    6. Maria says:

      Gotta love those purple leopardskin pants!!! *ROFL*

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