Ghosts of the past, conflicts of the present

There’s lots of new changes on the site whether you see it or not. For starters, the site is “skinned”. I’m in the process of making a back-end CMS (content management system) that controls my links, fonts, and now the guestbook.

As you can see, I haven’t added the “Sign my book” function yet. And as you can tell FROM the most recent date… it’s been awhile. It’s almost painful to read some of the entries and remember what they were for.

A lot of history here.

No, I’m still off until March… and with a series of brand new redesigns. But a few things have come up…

A ghost FROM the past has come back to haunt me in the form of a legal action next month that requires my undivided attention. The fact is, this case shouldn’t be. Of course, you know how the court system in PA works:

  1. Plaintiff open his mouth.
  2. Judge looks at defendant.
  3. Defendant has to prove their innocence.

I’ve never seen such stupid horseshit in my life. I have to prove this dickhead has no case, rather than the judge asking what evidence the plaintiff has to justify wasting our time. Otherwise I have to deal with my stuff being auctioned again to pay whatever the judge awards this clown just for filling out three forms and showing up.

Oh yeah, and he’s in a wheelchair too. Tell me how my odds are.

I’m torn here…

I’ve always been enamored by the concept of us all HAVING a sense of “community”. Aside FROM the typical things that communities do, like get together, have barbeques and block parties and good times…

… there comes times when you have to take out the trash.

Some people rise to the occasion, and some people don’t. I remember the outrage when we heard that a married adult blogger asked an underage girl to masturbate on her web cam, when another turned out to be a manipulative prick that hurt people and hid behind their charisma, when another led us to believe she had a daughter dying of cancer…

The list goes on over the years. The offending parties end up being chased to the outskirts of town with torches and pitchforks… and we never hear FROM them again.

In a strange, ironic twist… a post FROM a dear, sweet friend showed up in my referrals today to remind me that there are people that care… and there are people there for you when you need them.

There’s more to it though. Lots more. You can ask anyone that gets involved… there’s a price to pay. You get the “Why don’t you mind your business?” email harassment. You make enemies for life. If you don’t get enough backup, you get the shit kicked out of you for all to see.

Been there done that. More times than I care to remember.

It’s a big-ass community now. The stakes get higher and higher.
Do we start taking the “mind your business” route?
Do we take it when we stand more to lose than gain?
Do we do it even after we’ve been burnt so many times in the past?

I don’t want to give out particulars just yet (it’s not political, ok?). I’m very interested in what you think.

Is it worth it to get involved in the web community anymore?
Is it time for some of us to hang up our badges as “Net Police”?
You can even post anonymously and/or not leave an email.

11 thoughts on “Ghosts of the past, conflicts of the present

  1. I always have and always will believe we should stand up for what we believe in…no matter the consicquences…
    and as far as making enemies…real friends stand beside you, no matter what, even if they don’t always agree

  2. Nah, I like to think of us as “Classics”, Bob.

    I’m doing a lot of hanging out at SALON DES REFUSE… (consider yourselves invited) basically some whacko “liberal” site is trying to get the Rev. fired FROM his job.

    I had a post on MetaFilter about it all which lasted about 10 hours before it was deleted. A whole new record for me. :0)

    I miss you guys! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hmm..well…in some ways I think it’s good to hang around the internet/blog community, but I tend to just stay mostly in my quiet corner and all…I guess it’s a matter of picking my battles…when I read someone’s blog and want to get involved, I say to myself, “Self, do you really want to get in to this? Do you really give a crap about it?” For some people, it’s a definite no, because, well, it’s just not worth the aggravation. For some others it’s a maybe because usually when I post a comment, nothing happens and the battle goes on…

    and then there’s the fact that most of the people I read also don’t really get involved much in these things, or at least have the right attitude about it (like you e)…

    and I think you said something (or the good Rev. did) about how a lot of people are in to blogging for the sheer ego boost…and I’ll admit to that, but I also like to provide info…

    *shrug* I don’t know…I suppose it’s all in how you look at it…

  4. “Is it worth it to get involved in the web community anymore?”

    My first thought was, “no”. My second thought was that it really does depend on the circumstances. Some things and, unfortunately, some people aren’t worth all of the crap that comes with getting involved. And whether or not it’s worth it is really up to you because it’s all subjective. I might not give a shit but it might be important to you, right?

    On the surface, this isn’t much help but if you think about it – it really *is* up to each individual to decide what is worth it and what is not.

    And so ends my lesson for today.:)

  5. I don’t know that there is one blanket answer for that. FROM my corner, depends on the who and what as to how much of me I’d put INTO the situation.

  6. Thanks guys for all your input.

    I’m walking away FROM this one. I think everyone FROM both sides of that conflict made their point. I don’t need to bring any unneccessary shit INTO our back yard, and if my opening efforts are going to be ridiculed by the members I was going to side with… then why break out the heavy artillery?

    It’s here if we need it though. I appreciate everyone’s friendship here and at the same time, I’m not letting another mess (think “BlogShares”) happen here again.

    They want to duel to the death, let them.
    I have a choice right now, and they BOTH made it all too easy for me.

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