God is Love… Man is (apparently) a moron

From the “why-won’t-this-guy-just-shut-the-fuck-up???” files:

Thus sayeth Jerry Fallwell:
NEW YORK (AP) – The Rev. Jerry Falwell says ‘I think Muhammad was a terrorist’ in an interview to be broadcast Sunday on the CBS program “60 Minutes.”

Awwwww COME ONNNNnnnnnn!!!!!!!
Just when the world has finally gotten over his blaming gays, pagans, & feminists for being solely responsible for September 11st… his mouth runneth over again. I refuse to question what planet “Mr. Moral Majority” is living on, or how close his house is in proximity to the fumes of a crack factory.

Why do they give this guy airtime??!!???

“…’Jesus set the example for love, as did Moses,’ Falwell says. ‘I think Muhammad set an opposite example…’ “

Are we talking about the same Jesus and Moses here, Jerry?

Jesus who said:
“Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.”
(Matthew 10:34)

The same Jesus who opened up a can of whoop-ass on the Money Changers in the temple? Flipping their tables over, and going postal on them with a whip?
(Mark 11:15-19)

Moses? Who had to flee Egypt after killing a man, and hiding his body in the sand???
(Exodus 2:11-15)

I’m dangerous on the topic of religion, Jerry. Don’t screw with me.
Bad enough to add hypocrisy on top of stupidity.

There’s a time for peace, and there’s a time to kick someone’s ass (as Jesus and Moses has shown), and to now equate Islam with terrorism is like saying Christianity stands solely for hate groups like the KKK, and bombing abortion clinics.

See? They can say that about us Christians too.

Islam is not the enemy. Like any religion, Islam is about humanity’s quest to reach out to their Creator. There’s peace and there’s violence in it, just like Christianity and Judaism…

The enemies are the religious zealots (*ahem* stares at Fallwell…), who would take scripture and twist it to suit their agendas.

9 thoughts on “God is Love… Man is (apparently) a moron

  1. I too get irritated with that kind of hypocricy. I don’t think it’s that they don’t realize it – I think it’s that they don’t care that their arguments are flawed… They know a good deal of DHs will be swayed by a bit of bullshit.

    You might enjoy my latest here. heh.

  2. I’ll be visiting the town in which Jerry lives in just 3 weeks. Lucky me.

    My parents think he’s the bees knees. I think he’s a huge hypocrite. On local TV, he was whipping up the faithful into a frenzy of Y2K panic, with burning buildings, etc. projected in the background, while plugging his ‘Y2K’ survival kits. Conflict of interest, anyone? He’s the guy who falsely screams ‘Fire!’ in a crowded theatre and then gets his panties in a bunch when someone tramples him while trying to flee the theatre.

    I once got up and left a restaurant mid-meal because the host seated him at a table next to me. I couldn’t take his unctious, falsely-smiling, politico posturing.


  3. And Jerry so loves his neighbors:

    “Falwell says he will stock up on food as 2000 approaches – and ammunition, to shoot any hungry neighbors trying to enter his house.”

    Quote via Secular Humanism.org

    I’m guessing that Mr. Falwell’s interpretation of ‘Love thy neighbor’ is a WHOLE lot different than most folks’. Because not once has it occurred to SHOOT a neighbor who may be in need. It has, on the other hand, often occurred to me to HELP a neighbor.


  4. Ahh..My favorite Fallwell-ian moment was when I was passing by the Fundie channel on the cable system out here and he was selling an “Apocalypse Certificate Course” where you watch all these videos about the Revelations chapter of the bible and then you take some tests that come with them, send them back, and they give you a spiffy certificate…I never laughed so hard…

    Yeah, Falwell occupies a warm spot in my heart just under Dubbya…[ /sarcasm ]

  5. Hypocrisy at it’s best…
    Shoot any hungry neighbors, huh.

    I hope when (if) he ever falls on hard times, his neighbors remembers that quote.

    LaBrat, I suspect after this he is going to be a serious target for these fanatics… maybe that was the Governement’s plan this whole time.

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