Gresser’s Mortgage Center

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Mortgage Centers- Finally finished Gresser Realty’s Mortgage Center. Now you can calculate your finances eight ways to Sunday with great CGI scripts by the phenomenal Hugh Chou (two years ago I got them by sending a $20.00 donation to “Ronald McDonald House” that’s all he wants.)

Another extra-special thanks to Dave & Sarah Torok whose photo in the Poconos from 1994 graces it’s first page. Dave is a programmer/developer with some cool stuff on his site…. I just saw on his site that he sold his place in Upstate New York to move to Philly.

There’s no connection between their moving here and my contacting him for permission to use the picture… HELL, I’M TRYING TO GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!

Yes, you heard it here folks. The Tribe Called Brooks is unhappy in Blakeslee, PA and are making plans of an exodus sometime within the next year or so….

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