Grraagh! Hulk laugh at Ken Doll!!!

Anatomically correct hulk dolls! Click for larger photo.

Kinda gives “HULK SMASH!” a whole new meaning don’t it?

Rumor has it that body builders all over the U.K. are throwing away their anabolic steroids and will now switch to gamma radiation… hopefully before they suffer any more, uhm, damage to their bodies. Yeah that’s it.
(via .:Chapel Perilous:.)

6 thoughts on “Grraagh! Hulk laugh at Ken Doll!!!

  1. The doll is 12″ tall. His willy is 2″ long. By those dimensions, a 6′ man should have a foot-long hot dog. Quite the education for young girls, eh? It’s not nice to tease like that. For, as we all know, size isn’t supposed to matter.
    And anyway, I don’t eat irradiated meat.

  2. rofl.

    ehh… a man proportioned like that would split a woman in half. not exactly good for reproduction and the survival of the species…so size DOES matter…*chuckle*

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