Hackers gear up for month of MySpace bugs

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You know what the problem is with h@x0rz? They have the same mentality as your run-of-the-mill Middle Eastern terrorists. They TRULY believe deep down inside that they are the “good guys” and whatever collateral damage they cause is totally justified. *eyeroll*

Given, it’s an insult to call most MySpacers “retards” (An insult to mentally retarded people, that is), buuut….

Striking a blow against Web monoculture, or News Corp., or something

March 16, 2007 (IDG News Service) — They won’t divulge their real names, they call their project a “whiny, attention-seeking ploy,” and they appear to take their fashion cues from Beastie Boys music videos.

But two hackers going by the names of Mondo Armando and Müstaschio promise to begin disclosing security vulnerabilities in MySpace, News Corp.’s popular social networking site, every day next month.

“The purpose of the exercise is not so much to expose MySpace as a hive of spam and villainy (since everyone knows that already), but to highlight the monoculture-style danger of extremely popular Web sites,” wrote Mondo Armando in an e-mail interview.

You know (as an aside)… I’ll be the first to admit people like Tila Tequila and others trying to “Bring Sexy Back™” irritate the shit out of me too. But not enough to go on a huge campaign against “A-Listers”. I mean, grow up already.

And what about the people on MySpace that use it to keep in touch with family and friends? Soldiers overseas that keep their families posted and let them know they’re ok? People trying to publicize their businesses? What did they do to deserve this?

Well, let’s get the other side of the story. After reading their LiveJournal, in their defense they clearly state:

Finally, another list, for the so-called “journalists.” Rumor-monger at will.a) News Corp/Fox Interactive Media/Myspace.com has so far ignored MOMBY. We are not working with Myspace, although we would be happy too.

b) Yes, we will be submitting bugs to Myspace anyway by giving advance notice to security@myspace.com. Last we looked, that address bounces. Maybe it won’t any more.

c) We are not “cyber-terrorists.” We are not “attacking” Myspace. We are not trying to “bring down” Myspace. We have not “declared war” on Myspace. We don’t know why News Corp doesn’t care about security.

So the “exposes” and “how-to’s” are for “educational purposes”?
Uh huh. Gotcha. 😉

I have to admit the Computer World article led me to believe that April will be a month-long Hacker attack on MySpace, when the MOMBY LiveJournal page is merely exposing bugs and exploits on MySpace every day all through the month. BIG difference.

And yeah, why DOESN’T NewsCorp care about security, anyway?

MySpace: The place is always busted

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