Hail the beginnings of ANARCHTICA

We interrupt all this lighthearted fun, ‘cuz I can’t keep my mouth shut about this any longer.

“Despite threats from England and France, Hitler continued his preparations for the invasion of Poland. By April 3, 1939, he instructed his generals to set the date for the Polish invasion for September 1. Once again, Hitler targeted a struggling democracy as his next victim. ”
– Invasion of Poland –

Replace “Poland” with “Iraq”…
Replace “England and France” with “Saudi Arabia and Egypt”…
Do you see any parallels with what’s going on today?

Why, that would make Hitler…. ?

Lee put out some excellent links today, particularly Michael Moore’s list of Democrats who voted in the recent resolution to invade Iraq. He suggests voting their sorry asses out. (Ted Kennedy voted “No”. Hmmmm… I may learn to respect this man one day.)

According to every poll I’ve seen, the American public favors this invasion by at LEAST 63%… yet I have yet to meet ONE of them. Why is that?

What ever happened to “Of the people. By the people. For the people.…?”
kd answers that when she linked to the EFF Co-Founder’s rant:
“The American Republic is Dead. Hail the American Empire.”

Perhaps I would feel better about this invasion if our beloved Fuhr… uhm President would share with us (aka “The People”) why Iraq poses such a threat to us, eleven years after we kicked their asses all up and down the Persian Gulf????

“If I am to build unity among the people, I must first find a new front, a common enemy so that everyone knows: We must be united, because this enemy is the enemy of us all. If we are not united, the entire German people will sink into the abyss.”
– Adolf Hitler’s Speech at the 1927 Nuremberg Rally –

Now Muslims are “the common enemy”, just as the Jews were for Nazi Germany.

Fortunately, we haven’t reached the point of throwing people in camps. Oh.

Oh, well… not to worry. If we get out of hand we can be tried for War Crimes, right? Oopsie.

Scary shit, ain’t it?

Oh… there will be more about this….. I just need to catch my breath.

19 thoughts on “Hail the beginnings of ANARCHTICA

  1. freakin’ terrifying.

    ooh, i wish i could find that site bran linked a while back, drawing parallels between 30-s era germany and now.

  2. dissent among the masses… and from a source not seen here before…

    i think equating hitler and bush is a gross mischaracterisation. the only similarity between the two is that both are, or were, a head of state. beyond that, hitler’s actions and the reasons behind them were entirely different from bush’s. you missed mentioning many of hitler’s other reasons for invation, such as ‘liebensraum’. hitler also had a nasty habit of executing detractors; as yet, bush has not.

    there is also a difference between occupying a country because you’ve defeated it and it needs rebuilding, and occupying a country because you want it, and have no intention of ever moving out.

    your initial quote compares two situations which are entirely dissimilar, and your second quote could be used regarding everything from environmental rights or abortion rights, to organizing to have land development stopped. convince everyone they have a common enemy, and then mobilise them. that’s what the ‘million mom march’ was, wasn’t it?

    throwing people in camps? we should be – but the poeple who are currently housed in cuba (living better, i can assure you, than when they were in afghanistan), are hardly like the innocent japanese who were encamped in WW2. the men in the cuban holding cells are foreignnationals who willingly took up arms against the united states, and would have happily put a bullet through the skulls of each american soldier had the afghans not been captured first. those men are willing enemies of the united states; they are not entitled to the same sort of Constitutional protections that you enjoy.

    finally, what ‘war crimes’? do you mean thumping into the ground the government which was behind the attacks in september? is that a war crime? is that similar to what milosovich did in bosnia? an example of ‘war crime’ is anahilating a village of unarmed people, or torturing prisoners of war. being bigger and badder than an enemy which made the mistake of attacking you isn’t a war crime.

    i’m curious what you think should happen, e. lots of poeple are pining on their blogs about not doing anything (much like the US did in WW2, while the Commonwealth countries had the shit kicked out of them), but no one is proposing anything to replace an outright attack.

    what do you see as an effective alternative to removing Saddam from the middle east equation?

  3. Well, Mike…
    Why remove Saddam at all? What is he doing to us? If his own people want him out, let them sacrifice their *OWN* sons and daughters to do it. Why is it the United States job to “rid the world of evildoers?” That’s what got the Middle East hating us in the first place.

    As far as the camps… I wasn’t referring to Guantanamo Bay. Those Taliban pricks can rot in hell. I’m talking about all of the Arabs that are/were detained as suspects in this country with no charges files against them and denied due process and various other rights guaranteed by the 4th amendment.

    Hitler held office for decades and rebuilt a country destroyed by WWI, he was loved by his country, and built a military force that no one wanted to screw with… so, not that I want to say anything positive about him, but he was one hell of a leader with a few good points (well, for a madman).

    The Post-911 U.S. Government has become absolutely horrifying. The fact that congress granted the President the power to wage war on an unprovoking country, and Ashcroft who thinks pesky little nuisances like “due process”, “habeas corpus”, and “search and seizure” is hindering the war on terror…. it’s like the people have no say anymore.

    We have been EXPLICITLY WARNED by several countries to leave Iraq alone… except for a stronger foothold on the world’s oil supply, what is our reasoning for doing this?

    Our founding fathers set all this stuff up for a reason. One man was never meant to wield absolute power… because then, we *will* have a modern-day Hitler on our hands (actually doing him one better…WITH NUKES!)

    I was all for the action in Afghanistan. The Taliban were a bunch of oppressive art-hating, scum-sucking, sexist pigs that had to go. They’ll never catch Osama because then the “War on Terror” would have to end… and even a five year old can tell you Osama bin Laden has been hiding in New Jersey this whole time.

    I’m just saying in my own over-dramatic way, that I don’t like this new government, and all of the checks, balances and safeguards being taken away.

    what’s next, “the draft”?

    Chloe: You don’t have to put in your email anymore. And I’m “independant” this year.

  4. i keep seeing all of this comparison between w. bush and hitler.

    while i think that w. bush is a total utter complete ninny and i think that this war thing is one of the most idiotic plans ever come up with, i do believe that those who are comparing the two are completely out of touch with the horrors that hitler committed.

    hitler killed 12 MILLION innocent people in his camps. yes, that is the number. 6 MILLION of which were jews. w. bush has NOT done this. not even the sanctions against iraq have done this. not even the bombs dropped on afghanistan have even COME CLOSE have done this.

    in the reading i have done, many people have theorized that if hitler had decided to stop the killing he might have won the war.

    NO.. w. bush and hitler are NOT alike. bush might be stupid, but he is NOT evil.

  5. Bush may not execute detractors… that we know of… but for some reason a lot of them seemed to be shuffled into obscurity. I know I’ve felt really nervous lately about criticizing the government for fear of getting harrassed.

    I’m not sure what the difference is between occupying a country you’ve defeated… and occupying a country because you’ve defeated it. Maybe I’m just missing some salient point in that argument.

    And there’s a distinct difference between people organizing to fight something bad, and people being organized to fight a perceived bad.

    As for the camps… I think that reference is about the people being held in the U.S. who haven’t done anything wrong.
    Sort of like how I know of someone who’s Sri Lankan and was subject to a “random search” at every checkpoint at every airport when he was travelling. Or the guy who they refused to let him on the airplane even though he never did anything wrong. Or the Mexican performance artist that was hassled by the law when travelling because he supposedly looked Arabic.

    And yes, the U.S. DID in fact kill civilians in Afghanistan, and did try to have it overlooked. I think that might be the “war crimes” people believe.

    Personally, I don’t think there is any effectiveness to removing the leader of another nation that poses no immediate threat (at least none that we’ve been given evidence of).
    Personally, I don’t think there’s any reason to make more war than is already going on in the world because of our actions thus far.

    Violence begets violence. Hostility begets resentment.
    Battle ye not with monsters lest ye become a monster.

    And I feel a little like I’ve suddenly become a monster having actually engaged in this discussion. heh.

  6. I disagree – I think Bush is evil. After all, evil is as evil does or whatnot. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    And I think the point of comparing Hitler & Bush is not that Bush has already committed any really heinous Hitler kind of acts… but that the people of Germany didn’t realize how much Hitler was doing until it was too late & he had too much power.
    Isn’t that right guys? Isn’t that the reason for your comparison?

  7. FYI: I posted both my 2 responses before reading that long reply of E’s. I had left to go out to dinner in the middle of writing my first comment. haha. Ooops.

  8. I see your point, Brooke.

    I’m not saying Bush is Hitler… yet.
    But the comparisons in philosophy is uncanny.
    The “With us or against us” part, for example… Hitler tried to eliminate anyone that he even *thought* was going to double-cross him. Any world leader has the potential of becoming another Hitler if given enough power.

    That “with us or against us” line scares the hell out of me. I was “with him” for Afghanistan, I’m certainly “with him” when it comes to smashing every terrorist organization (and I hope that extends to our very own “KKK”, abortion clinic bombers, and anthrax mailers.)… but I think invading Iraq is a bad idea, does that make me “against” my own country? Does that make me a “bad American”?
    (shivers left over from the McCarthy era)

    How far will King George II go? Until every country is shaped into his idea of “freedom” (a word he uses repetitively)? He’s already got North Korea slated after he conquers Iraq.

    How long will it be before we are no longer allowed to criticize him? The fourth amendment was recently gutted out by Ashcroft… how much longer before we lose our right to free speech, assembly, and addressing our grievances?

    Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  9. And I think the point of comparing Hitler & Bush is …that the people of Germany didn’t realize how much Hitler was doing until it was too late & he had too much power.
    Isn’t that right guys? Isn’t that the reason for your comparison?

    In answer to that question… that was *exactly* my point. Congress just gave Bush… UNPRECEDENTED power. Our founding fathers must be spinning in their graves! And I think a lot of intimidation was involved too.

    Not every German hated Jews. Many died trying to hide their friends and neighbors. General Rommel (“The Desert Fox”) even tried to assassinate Hitler when he realized he had gone mad…. but it was too late at that point.

    It kinda sucks to think of ourselves as “the bad guys”, but in the past we have opened a can of whoopass on other countries for “invading neighbors for their own gain”. The other side of the world sees us as “imperialists”. It’s STILL not to late to change that.

  10. i had somethings to add, but thought i’d drop off this link.

    You were wondering what Iraq could possibly possess after 11 years of (meaningless) sanctions, and this should be an indication: Yugoslavian military equipment and training, provided despite the sanctions. There are probably several other countries, mostly former Soviet bloc, who have done likewise.

  11. The article linked to says, “merely some work on repairing aircraft engines of an older generation, not … the sale of modern weaponry which we don’t have, anyway.” Still, he acknowledged that any such ties with Iraq were “hazardous and irresponsible.”

    Okay. So now we know they have some old airplanes ready for flight. Airplanes incapable of doing much to harm us, but a threat worthy of killing them nevertheless. I see now …

  12. LEE! You found my achilles heel! Nothing makes me sink into the pool of my own unforgiveable ignorance than a sarcastic remark.

    Though I’d hate to take up space, if you’d like I can list to you all of the times in the past eleven years that Iraq has tried to evade the trade sanctions, or has broken them completely.

    You know that he’s allowed to sell oil for food, and humanitarian supplies, right? So it’s conceivable that the lack of basic necessities for the people of Iraq might be caused not by the trade sanctions, but by the man who with his family, has continued to live in splendour while those around him starve.

    Iraq has ample money, and resources, to meet the needs of its people, and yet – not surprisingly – it does not. In October 1999, 3 Iraqi cargo ships were caught by Kuwaiti coast guard shipping foodstuffs out of Iraq. Out – and yet it’s the sanctions that are causing the problems.

    I mention all of this, because of the ‘minor’ transgression of UN sanctions with the Bosnian planes. This is akin to having one cockroach in your house. The fact is, when you have one, you have many, many more. It would be naive to believe that these planes, which are perfectly capable of killing, are the only weapons he has attempted to procure. There are many nations – Syria, Libya*, China – which wouldn’t bat an eye to providing him with weapons and technology.

    The CIA predicts that Hussein will have at least 3 nuclear devices within the next five years, based on the nuclear materials he is believed to currently possess.

    You have never had checks and balances when it’s come to military decisions, any more than you have for monetary. It would be ludicrous to allow voting and opinion polls to establish foreign and military policy. The founding fathers did know that, which is why you have elected representatives.

    Chloe mentioned, ‘I’m not sure what the difference is between occupying a country you’ve defeated and occupying a country because you’ve defeated it’. I thought I’d been clear, but this was what I meant: Japan and Germany were occupied by Allied forces in order to rebuild those countries, and the intent was to leave after an alloted time, which did occur. Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, Hitler’s invasion of France, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan were all meant as permanent occupations – the invading forces had no intention of leaving.

    I’ve completely lost track of what I was saying, or how much I’ve said, because this text box is too small!

    *The role of Lebanon will now be played by Libya, as per the author’s request.

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