Happy 40th Anniversary Ann & John Fruner!

That’s Carole’s parents, my in-laws, in case you didn’t know. Yeah we were supposed to be in NYC this weekend to celebrate this with them, but at this moment we have car(s) trouble & couldn’t make it….

<SIGH> Well, there’s a ton of problems goin’ on with the Tribe called Brooks lately…but unfortunately I am not at liberty to print this stuff. (Besides you all like seem to like the “Happy-go-lucky/Asshole” persona that you see on this page on a regular basis…)

They also don’t know that I say the word “Fuck” a lot on this page, so I hope they don’t scroll up or down. :0)

Happy Birthday Tom Fulp!

Newgrounds.Com creator is celebrating his birthday today…judging by this picture, I’m guessing he turns…uh 14? Nah that can’t be! He’s in college and he & his buds are getting plastered somewhere in Philly… WHATEVER…

The Anachronist interviews Tom in The Kazm today. Pretty Cool-lookin’ site there!

Speaking of cool sites… Check out Fuzzbox Twin.
Reminds me a lot of Jerry Barksdale’s band ABOMINANT.
Metal has GOT to make a comeback…and FAST!

According to Salon, AP is backing off of all the Elian Movie sitesBULLSHIT!
The Geocities page where I have “Elian_true.swf” was shut down today due to “Violations of Terms of Service“. I WAS going to stop running the movie tomorrow… but now it’s the principle of it…. PECKERWOODS!

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