Happy Birthday! (Hey, I have a 1/365th of a chance I’m right here).

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What the hell is your Birthday, anyway? Register at my “Birthday alarm” account. (Leave the link to yours in my comments)

I re-found this at Judez’ place.
I say “re-found” because Maria mailed it to me, and like a dumbass, I lost it before replying.

Of course, at 37, I find birthdays about as exciting as HAVING a colonoscopy and root canal being done simultaneously… but that’s not the point. :0)

****** ADDED LATER **********************
Heh heh… further proof that a even broken watch is right once in a while…

(It’s a bit of a hack job… but I made this for her last year for her online surprise party.)

****** BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE************
It also turns out that Mr. Fish Innards (aka “Mr. Skarlet”) turns 35 today!
Happy Birthday, good sir.
….and my, what a great first name you have there. :0)

That’s right… even a broken watch is right TWICE a day!

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16 replies on “Happy Birthday! (Hey, I have a 1/365th of a chance I’m right here).”

  1. Hey that’s a neat thing and certainly something I could use. Now the hard part is to get people to use the damn thing 😐

    BTW KD Happy B-Day 🙂

  2. **flutter** Damned sexy voice you got there E!!! Wow!!!

    kd, Happy Birthday sweetie!!! :o)

    E, damnit, I am not putting my birthday on your list until you put yours on mine!! :op
    It’s here:
    Please enter your birthday for me so that I can receive a free reminder from BirthdayAlarm.com

    I’m 37 too darn it!! :op

  3. 37 ain’t too bad 😉
    Ohhhh… SURE, Miss last-week-was-my-birthday-and-I’m-10-years-younger-than-you-nyah-nyah. :0P
    (btw, please don’t take this the wrong way {and this is why I won’t privately email this}, you are stunning, and your family is just too adorable!) :0)

    YES… Maria, I FINALLY put in my birthday on your Birthday Alarm. You know I suck with emails, sorry. But hey, it’s not about how old you are… it’s how old you feel. In real life, most people think I’m a 16 year old with a hair loss problem! :0)

    Of course there are days, where I feel like I should be collecting Social Security. :0)

    Thanks for the sweet words about the recording, guys. I really needed that. *GLEE*

  4. Gosh -e-,
    you are so young..
    I remember being 37, but I was still working in a hospital then. Glad I’m outta there now!!
    Sometimes, things get better as you get older!

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