Happy New Year!!! (Screw you 2003… I’m going home!)

FOX News would like to remind visitors to NYC that there is a smoking ban in effect, except on designated street corners.
When Mayor Bloomberg says “No smoking on the streets”… HE MEANS IT!!!

“In other news, pop superstar Michael Jackson again finds himself in legal trouble when authorities in Santa Barbara ORDER him fingerprinted and booked on charges of ‘extreme creepiness, even for California.’

Jackson’s attorney expresses outrage, telling a press conference that his client ‘doesn’t even HAVE fingerprints.’…”

Dave Barry’s 2003 Year in review
… end this joke of a year with a laugh, I say.


Added 01/01/04 – Or you can travel back to a simpler time, four years ago, when redneck survivalists were at the bottom of the Y2K food chain.

Y2K Mike: The first great practical joke of the 21st Century.. An EricBrooks.Com® classic!

15 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!! (Screw you 2003… I’m going home!)

  1. Hey! A happy and a healthy to you and the gang!

    And how cool would it have been to walk up to Mayor B and light one up! Maybe it was a ploy because of course terrorists are known smokers and what a way to ferret them out of a crowd than to force them to smoke in designated areas. *snort*

  2. -=e=- … I wanted to DROP by and wish you and the whole Brooks family a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year 2004. I wish you many smiles, the hugs of your children and the laughter in all that you do!

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