Happy Uno de Mayo!

I am SEEEEEERIOUSLY backlogged with work and major life changes… but I thought I’d CHECK in with the three people still coming here. (Actually the Gay Marriage rant is getting quite lively, and the comments are still coming… wait until I unload the sequel!)

I made this crazy lil' guy for a business called "La Tortilla Loca" a few years back
All the resorts here in the Poconos are kicking off Cinco de Mayo celebrations this weekend… And, well, we need little or no reason to find an excuse to party and celebrate here…


6 thoughts on “Happy Uno de Mayo!

  1. un, deux, trois… so here I am, but betting there is more than 3 of us.

    All the best to you, Eric, with work and the life changes. Happy uno duo, trio, quatro and cinqo (see, I never did learn to count in Spanish, so I’m guessing on the counting … that is Spanish, right?)

  2. Few people know the real story:
    On the Titanics maiden voyage there was a large shipment of Helmans Mayonaise coming FROM England. The vast majority of it was destined for Mexico. After being introduced to it the Mexican people loved mayonaise. When the Titanic sunk………they were so distraught over their lose that they decide to have a national holiday in memory of the tragedy. They named it “CINCO DE MAYO”

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