Happy 'Your kids love you' day!

Raising Hell is currently running a great Father’s Day issue today. Including a reprint (at BobtheCorgi’s suggestion) of my “Dear Tom”.

After being “banished” upstairs all day yesterday, so the kids can finish all of their gifts… here’s a tip to fathers all across the world:

Today is NOT your day. It’s theirs.
Mother’s have known that for years. You know how they master the art of choking down the burnt toast, and force themselves to eat the runny eggs you and the kids attempted to cook for “Mother’s Day”? They smile, and tell you how much they loved breakfast in bed… and then shoo you & the kids out of the house so they can clean the disaster you left behind in their kitchen?

Same concept.

Children spend their entire “child life” seeking the love and approval of their parents. Father’s Day is somewhat of a larger-scale manifestation of that. They want you to know they love you and find the most creative ways to show it. Every year, I encourage them to keep their allowance money and explore their creative side. Love is free. And home-made gifts take so much more work and thoughtfulness.

The same way, I can look back at last year’s adventure where they tricked me into riding a horse for the first time, I can look fondly at my new “Floppy Disk holder” (comprised of painted popsicle sticks, hot-glued together), my new “container to hold stuff” (painted white with flowers and hearts), my “door of love” (a load of adorable little messages written on napkins and paper-clipped together), the cards, the pictures.

It’s the stuff memories are made of. You take life as it comes, see the love and the thoughtfulness behind it… and in time it becomes the memories that warm your heart, and make you want to hug the stuffings out of them for years to come.

Early, this morning my son and I got busted by Carole playing with his superhero toys in the upstairs foyer. I wanted to keep him occupied so everyone can sleep late. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

Today… I am the luckiest guy on the planet. :0)

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