Have you seen my friend, Sam Hain?

Wow… October passing and nothing horrible happened to my family for the second year in a row. Friggin’ A!

If you don’t see anything different with this page… then I did my job! I made the switch FROM MT to WordPress last night…


It must be permanent, as I have put up every single post I’ve ever made since April 1998. Ironically, my very first post was titled “WHUZZUP!” (In case you’re ever on Jeopardy and that’s the question.)

So while you guys are all being bored to tears here as I’m waxing nostalgic, the joint is jumping over in my E-Cards section as people are sending out Halloween and Monster Mash E-Cards to their loved ones.

And you know… you just don’t hear “Thriller” or “Detroit Rock City” on MIDI enough these days! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Have you seen my friend, Sam Hain?

  1. I see the posts pushed way over to the right and on the left are some broken images that have 404 error messages. As I’m typing this, your blog page just redirected to the main index of your site. I’m viewing this in Mozilla Firefox, btw.

    Other than that, Welcome to WordPress!

  2. It’s something on my end. It’s not a browser issue (I use Firefox too). That’s FROM one of my menu thingies on the left not working. I noticed it the other day when I deleted the original text file that calls on it and got a 404. Now its a MySQL subroutine and *SHOULDN’T* be doing that.

    I hope this won’t be a continual problem… or I’m screwed.

  3. Looks good! The only change I noticed was in the way the comments post.

    I was kind of hoping for a Halloween story, maybe about how the kid’s trick-or-treating went, or your latest practical joke or something…

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