Heeeeeeeere’s the Witch!

Rather than just leave this page stagnant over the summer, I’m going to let a dear friend take the mike for a while. She needs to vent, and I need to keep this place fresh, so we’re both helping each other out…

More about her in a bit.

Tragedy has struck a family friend. He’s just received word that his friend was abducted, tortured for 10 days and shot in the head in Iraq… leaving behind a wife and a child. It’s been a rollercoaster of pain, disillusionment and emotion here. People on the extreme left or right need to avoid me for their own safety right now. People without a full grasp of the situation over there, pro or con, need to simply shut the fuck up.

It’s a time for comfort for our friend and for that soldier’s family. Not proselytizing & posturing.

It’s not a black & white world, folks… especially on this topic. If your only source of information is network news, or some dumb blog, trust me… you don’t know a tenth of what’s going on over there. If I can describe it in one word, it would be “FUCKED”.

Our soldiers and the *decent* citizens of Iraq deserve more than this. They really do.

PS: Dear God… please let this not be true. (fucking mercs… oops, sorry for the language, Lord.)


Anyway, here’s Witchy. She’s a good friend of mine. So I’m sure she’ll be a good friend of yours.

*This was my post. Not Witchy’s she’ll be on stage in a bit.

6 thoughts on “Heeeeeeeere’s the Witch!

  1. If that IS true, it’s making me want to throw up. What the hell is wrong with those people. Makes me want to rethink a couple of choises I might or might not make within the next two years.

  2. I am so sorry Eric. My heart goes out to his friends and family.
    I also hope those stories floating around are not true but if some can commit the acts they already did at that prison, what and who would have stopped others FROM doing much worse?
    It makes me sick.

  3. I also hope those stories floating around are not true
    A few weeks ago, there were photos on foreign sites of an “Iraqi” woman being gang raped by soldiers… fortunately, it proved to be a fraud, FROM a pr0n site (first clue: The soldiers had green uniforms). a Hungarian actress played the victim very convincingly. So on that premise, I try to look at some of these things and try to be skeptical until it’s proven (propaganda is flying FROM all different directions.). I’m also not convinced that the “few bad apples” at Abu Ghraib were acting on their own. I just think they were easy scapegoats as the CIA and Blackwater mercs are always in and out of there. And our soldiers are left holding the bag and facing the wrath out on the streets.

    We as Americans SHOULD be outraged. It’s wrong when we do it, just as it will be wrong if an enemy does it to our POWs.

  4. That should not happen to anybody…on any side. I agree with your description dude…FUCKED!

    I hope his family will heal in time.

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