Hell freezes over!!!!!

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Well, maybe it just hit a cold patch.

I am officially billing WHUZZUP as a kind-of “blog” now…
For a number of reasons:

  • I’m getting a lot of visits from the MetaFilter crowd lately (secret: post a lot of obnoxious shit there, and they all wonder what you could possibly have left to say in the privacy of your own site…) their eyes are trained to hit links with the word “blog” in it.
  • No one seems to know/care about this section as I have called it “updates” for almost two years…gotta change with the times, baby!
  • I have been “sorta-blogging” this page via a customized CGI script long before you lil’ whippersnappers ever heard of Blogger or Pyra. Most likely, during my annual redesign, when I convert this site into XHTML, I’ll add a lil’ CyberPal face next to each entry, so you can link to it and amaze your friends with how much stupidity I can spew in a week…

Yeah… once a week! I got a life you know. Sorta.

Go ahead Jay, Tom, Matthew and Jo… let me have it with the “I told you so’s”, as I swore it was never gonna happen on this site. So, what do you think?

Daddy? Wherever you are? I made you a little something for Father’s Day .


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