Hello dad… I’m in JAIL!

My good friend, The Yankee Dyke was in New York City for the Quarter-million strong protest against the Republican National Convention. (A subtle hint if I ever saw one, eh?)

Unfortunately there will be no photos because she and her friends were immediately incarcerated… for the unspeakable crime of… of… (I can’t say it…)

Showing up! (aaagh… I said it!)
Now, I’ve known Gina for quite some time now. She’s as much of a threat to National Security as my grandmother.

Read her accounts of this experience at Tales FROM Pier 57.

I understand that Bartcop’s friend, the Hollywood Liberal, is working on similar chilling stories, and Reverend Mykeru explains (with good reason) why he didn’t SHOW up in NYC with photos of more protesters arrested for horrid crimes like “disorderly bicycling in pairs”.

I mean, I can see it FROM the NYPD’s point of view too. They were bracing for all hell breaking loose. The Republicans Convention was about as welcome in NYC as Osama bin Laden (Who was barely mentioned at all inside the convention. Strange.). But considering the small handful of incidents (Like the asshole stomping on a cop) among a crowd that large… I’d say the protesters were pretty damn organized and restrained. I’ve seen more violence at rock concerts *inside* Madison Square Garden than that.

Silly me… I thought they had one big protest and went home! How was I supposed to know large numbers of them were being detained without charges somewhere? Their stories are just beginning to be told… and they’re gonna be interesting.

One thought on “Hello dad… I’m in JAIL!

  1. It was an kind of unspoken consensus among the prisoners that we would all tell our stories to anyone and everyone. My letters will be going out this week to the likes of Hilary Clinton, Mayor Bloomberg, the NYPD, OSHA and the Department of Public Health. Once I finish the full story, I’m going to send it out to all sorts of places. I’ve been trying to find news on this, but outside of New York newspapers, there hasn’t been much, and all of it incorrect in one way or another.

    And I don’t know, according the King Bush, being gay and witch makes me a national security threat. I mean, really , my type of person isn’t Sanctioned by God(TM) so my civil liberties don’t count. I’ll have some pics of the protest and right before we got arrested. My friend who was arrested with me has one FROM inside the pens, which I hope he’ll let me post.

    Oh! and I’m hoping that there will be other people on the site eventually to post their stories.

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