Help me, you techie nerds!

To those in the Cabal of the hidden society of people who run the web (though we don’t exist)… I apologize for missing the meeting today and giving my monthly statistics and logistics report.

I get to the site to log in and this shit pops up on my screen. Telling me I’m being investigated, my ISP is cooperating and I have a big problem.

All because I went to a password-protected site???

Now, I can see how this would scare the bejezus out of some newbie who’s logging in to their favorite pr0n site… it seems to redirect you when a password prompt would pop up. I’m not too terribly worried about that because I don’t go to pr0n sites, nor will I waste my time or money with that garbage.

I’m sure, if you click that link above, it is now reading YOUR IP, and ISP info… it’s just a simple trick using HTTP_REFERRERS, nothing all that clever.

It’s hawking some product called Evidence Eliminator, I guess so we don’t suffer same fate as Pete Townshend who was cleared of any wrongdoing, and only seems to only be guilty of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. (You gotta love how they put him on the offender’s registry “just to be safe”. Guilty until proven innocent, but proven innocent but guilty anyway. What bullshit! More circular logic FROM BigBrother™and the System™)

Aaaanyway… I’ve found nothing in Regedit, which leads me to believe this is some kind of redirecting DLL.

Aside FROM paying $149.95 for this (and then, I’m sure they’ll gladly remove this block). How do I get this crap off my computer???

//** UPDATE: I hit Tools/Reset Original Internet Explorer Settings, and that seemed to do the trick. I can now access password protected sites again. This product may not be a bad thing to have… but I am not particularly thrilled with their sales tactics. **//

I’ll just keep this here in case someone else encounters this problem.

6 thoughts on “Help me, you techie nerds!

  1. Oh bullshit!!!! That needs to be reported to someone somewhere!!!! E, download Adaware if you don’t already have it, and it will remove the browswer hijacker FROM your system. This shit makes me so freakin’ angry!! I have to do an Adaware scan every other day because of crap like that!!

    Oh, and Adaware is free. I recommend it!! 🙂

  2. I think I will…

    Every morning there some new junk going on, I’m not sure if it’s the kids or the mrs clicking on popups, but this stuff drives me insane. One day, my search engine was replaced by some crap called “Xupiter”. No search results, but a lot of ads.

    Downloading Adaware now…

    Thanks, sweetie! *smooch!*

  3. Missed ya at the meeting E. I think you’ve stumbled upon yet another reason to not use MSIE. The 0.6 version of
    Mozilla Firebird is pretty stable and worth a whirl. Doesn’t mess with the registry either, just unzip it where ever you want it and you are set.


  4. I highly recommend – Spybit Search and Destroy….

    E– I don’t think you use Frontier net — maybe NE changed to their service, but I’m not aware of it.

  5. it’s just a redirect. that page is not spyware or a virus. it’s just a redirect…a vicious, misleading, pos redirect and this type of ad should be banned and the people who make evdence eliminator (which is spyware) should be sued until they bleed.

    try using Opera, Eric…Opera, Mozilla, K-Meleon anything…just get rid of IE and do it quick. No other browser has all of these wonderful *features* but IE.

  6. Just do a search for your HOSTS file – it is found somewhere in your Windows system folder – the geniuses at EE put the host entries waaaay down at the bottom of the list, after a huge blank gap to make you think it is empty. Just make sure you scroll all the way down!
    Delete the huge list of sites, save the HOSTS file, and problem is solved.
    Resetting the defaults on IE does not work in all cases – this will!
    This could possibly be decent software, but I would NEVER support a company with such advertising tactics.

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