Help Wanted: Straight man for comedy routines

… well the ‘straight man’ can be gay, too. Just don’t look for me to share the same hotel room when we go on tour. (I’m homophobic on Tuesdays and Saturdays… rest of the week, I’m okay up until the third ‘Racist Friday’ of the month…. then there’s the half hour of ‘religious piety’ and 15.2 seconds of ‘political correctness’ each second month…)

Inspired by Cootie’s Ready Made Punchlines, and I figure if I add a few of my “starters”, maybe someone can come in, whip up a middle part and make some decent jokes…

  • A Black, a Jew, and a Mexican walk INTO a bar…

  • How many Iraquis does it take to change a lightbulb…?

  • Two soldiers on patrol notice a Blonde playing hopscotch in a minefield…

  • A German, an Italian, and a Polish guy discover a lamp with a Genie inside…

  • A travelling salesman’s car breaks down on a stormy night in front of a crackhouse in the Bronx…

  • What do you get when you mix President Bush with a tube of Preparation “H”?

3 thoughts on “Help Wanted: Straight man for comedy routines

  1. Hmmm, what about a straight woman? As long as you don’t do background checks…. (There was that time in college, but hell we were both drunk off our asses!!) *lol* ;o) Hope your holiday was awesome!!

  2. Well, yeah… considering my last two “straight men” were women, this would work fine…

    I’m sure the correct term should be “straight PERSON” now… but when has comedy ever been known to be politically correct?

    Gawd, I missed you Maria… my holidays were great. Glad yours was too!

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