(((Big group hug!))) I missed you!

I’m back, and like they say: “Out with the old and in with the new”

  • Carole saved Christmas (Miraculously management risked their jobs in the Christmas sprit, and bent the rules so the Brookskidz could have a good Christmas …don’t tell ME there’s no Santa Claus! That was truly a tear-jerking bonafide “Christmas Miracle“)
  • I saw my very first “White Christmas” this year in the Poconos. It was all I ever wanted. (Not that I don’t appreciate the Magic 8 Ball and the Zip Disks!) I can die now…
  • Erika turned seven yesterday. Special thanks to buddy Ken Price who read my mention of it in WHUZZUP, and sent her something cute! THANKS KEN!

  • The Mall & Chatroom are GONE! FINITO! HISTORY! I never made a dime with my affiliate programs (though I know people who have bought through my site…IT’S A SCAM FOLKS! LIKE THE LINK EXCHANGE (have you ever seen your banner on another site?)!!!!!!
  • I spent all day December 29th fixing CGI scripts on 12 different sites, including this one. Certain CGI scripts run on 2 digit years and are now reading the date as “1900“….not devastating, but embarrassing as hell….Some Web Designers and the sites they were paid to design are going to look reeeeal bad this week. I could tell them about it, and save their sorry asses….

    And just why would I want to do that?????? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • The Magic 8Ball Interactive screensaver is now a hot download at Tucows Interactive!
  • Ongoing Series: Y2K Mike: Submitted for your approval….Mike and wife Cindy were your average survivalists. They stayed in their Y2K Bomb Shelter on New Years Eve, and the world was destroyed by Russian Missiles!Actually, Mike’s buddies convinced him the world was destroyed and have left him locked in the shelter, and reporting it all to this site! How far will they let this prank go? Read Y2K Mike, and find out….updated daily!

Sorry I talked your head off….

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