Dammit… you people need to ignore those posts below.

Apparently there is some hacker breaking in and writing sappy crap that you people *KNOW* I would never write. I’m evil, I tell you.

Some rather disturbing news is shockwaving across the web this weekend. I’m still doing research here & will tell you all about it later (oh… as if you people don’t ALREADY know by now!)

I have to tread lightly, as it involves at least three people who have gone through great pains to keep secret identities in the past year, and major web top secrets are at stake here.

16 thoughts on “hmmmm…

  1. I added links now, so you can play along at home.
    I just don’t want to go off half cocked without getting the whole story. So far, it walks and quacks like a duck…?

  2. Uh yeah it sure does! One of the people involved is a close friend of mine, and I’ll tell you right now, she doesn’t lie!! The guys a sicko looser!!

  3. Yeah… I know a lot of the players involved. I also know his type, and the wife in denial covering up.

    Can anyone say “Joey and Mary Jo Buttafuocco”?

  4. AFLAC?????
    I swear to God they need to make “Internet Abbreviations for Dummies”. As I always thought “BRB” meant “Bathroom Break”.

    *Lauging out loud!!!*
    (Dammit, now THAT needs some sort of an abbreviation!)

  5. Tee hee .. that wasn’t an abbreviation! That was in reply to the “quacks like a duck” thing. Have you seen the AFLAC commercial? 😉

  6. The duck screensaver (with sound) is here.

    Ah, man, Chris Powers out and a screensaver for the kids’ machine, and it’s only Saturday…

    Thanks, Robyn! For both!

    (borrowing Eric’s comments <g>)

  7. I *love* the AFLAC duck!
    I have to admit that I too thought “gee, I don’t know what AFLAC stands for and what robyn means, I just keep thinking of that duck!”

    Meanwhile, I hate this story for making me feel all creeped out over the sliminess….

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