Hooray for Sexy Cheerleading !!!!!

A Houston Texans cheerleader dances during the Texans' Week 8 game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

A Houston Texans cheerleader dances during the Texans’ Week 8 game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.
(Robert Laberge/Getty Images)

“Sexy cheerleading bill” appears dead in Texas
Senate says it’s not likely to take action on legislation this year

WOOOO HOOO!!!! What a wonderful time to be a man and a sports fan!!!
(OK, well I don’t watch too many sports… but I know this is an important part of it!)

Have you ever SEEN some of the women that scream “Exploitation”?

Woof! Woof!

You will never see a beautiful woman picketing against bathing suit competitions or cheerleading. They know it’s all part of the power and allure that these women hold over men.

The feminists that want it stopped… you really don’t want to see them in a string bikini. Trust me.

Fact: Men LOVE beautiful women.
Fact: Most women ARE beautiful. You’ll find that with every hair color, body type, personality… there is a man out there that loves it.

Just because we can’t maintain eye contact, or think you’ll hear us better if we talked directly to your breasts that doesn’t mean we don’t respect you. Don’t matter how bitchy & criminally insane you are, we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Then there is the typical sexually-repressed male on Capitol Hill with makes the “Numbnut Quote of The Week”:

“If there’s anybody who thinks there’s not a problem with the way our young folks are performing … then they’ve been somewhere with their head in the sand,’ he said.

Wow. Now THERE is a guy who needs to desperately get laid even more than I do!

5 thoughts on “Hooray for Sexy Cheerleading !!!!!

  1. Or a woman, for that matter…

    I’ll watch cheerleaders, believe me (it’s the only part of the SuperBowl that’s even remotely interesting to me!).

    Let me put it this way: there are some days that I’ll agree with the extreme feminists out there, but a good deal of the time I don’t….the way I see it, if a woman wants to jump around in a skimpy suit, I really don’t care as long as she’s having fun…as long as she *wants* to do it…

    besides, I think women shoud admit that they oggle these chicks about as much as the men do!

  2. True dat!
    These guys in the Senate in Texas are still not over Janet Jackson yet. Obviously.
    Can you believe this guy quoted was a Democrat though? What a suck up.

    Our “heads” aren’t “in the sand”… we’re just too busy watching that hottie in the picture jiggle!

  3. Being a Texas myself, I can’t begin to tell you how much this topic has been flying around in the news. I think it’s ridiculous. My son is a senior in highschool and his girlfriend is head cheerleader. I can’t tell you how many times their dances appear to be VERY sexually charged, but shit… they’re going to do whatever they want anyway, It’s all what you want to make of it.

  4. I once aspired to be a cheerleader myself, so I can’t really say anything negative about these girls — it’s still a free country, right?

    Funny, when I announced my plan to audition for the Chargers, the male customers told me not to do it, that those girls were all “sluts” and I was such a nice girl … these are the same droolers parked in front of the tube every Sunday and Monday night.

    Maybe they were Republicans! They didn’t tip for shit. That should have been my first clue…

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