I am a vindictive bitch…

Do not adjust your monitors.

I am dressed in drag for Halloween.
I blame Faith for this… who blames Batgrl for this (who is currently dressed up as Jon Sullivan. are those two getting nauseating, or what?)

Batgrl *TRIES* to put the blame on poor innocent Nerdboy “I’m a fashion model” Mikey for this. Nice try.

Batgrl is simply a “PROBLEM ADULT”. She’s just not happy until she causes trouble somewhere.

At any rate, I am the keeper of the orange now. WORSHIP ME!!!!!

So, who is *YOUR* blog gonna be for Halloween?

18 thoughts on “I am a vindictive bitch…

  1. WOW! Now *this* is indeed surreal!

    “are those two getting nauseating”

    Yes, cuteness overload is a side effect of this particular disease…

    “She’s simply not happy until she causes trouble somewhere”

    How rude of me!
    Obviously I’ve been hanging around you too long!
    …Hey wait – causing trouble – that’s YOUR job, laughing boy!
    You’ve been way too quiet of late.

  2. Yeah… well, I’ve been busy doing sites.
    You’re gonna have to be “Problem adult and chief troublemaker” for a while. Can ya do that for me? :0)
    (Jeez. I had Faith’s look for only two hours, and everyone’s getting hostile here… I may keep this look.)

  3. You didn’t tell me the freakin’ blogs were dressing up!! Oh Batty…………. Where is she? You’re hiding her aren’t you?? Someone is going to pay for this!! :op

  4. Maria… I only found out about it last night when Faith made the switch. Then I had a few hours to scramble and assemble a spoof (fortunately, Faith allowed me to cheat and sent me a template).

    Fortunately, I can *ALWAYS* find something to goof on Faith with. 😛

  5. Urge to cause trouble….. Over powering me….. Must…… Resist…….

    “She’s just not happy until she causes trouble somewhere.”

    Yep. I’m so proud of my little sweetie.

  6. That’s it???? Come on Jon!!!!
    What’s Halloween without some wild madness and mayhem? Let loose… egg a database, tp somebody’s linklist… rob a liquor store with a Nixon mask.

    We, uhm, all still do that stuff on Halloween, right?

  7. Well……. I was going to compile a retrospective of the flame wars you and Faith have had over the years, then include my expose about how you and Faith are really the same person, then whip up some erotic fiction involving the two of you.

    Want me to pull that together? And post it anonymously in your comments?

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