I got yer attitude right here, Canada-boy!

You have a Shitty Attitude! Go figure.
You have a Shitty Attitude! Go figure.
You’re an asswipe. It’s that simple.
You’re whiney, annoying, and tiresome.
One day, someone’s gonna smack you.
Take the What the Hell Kinda Attitude is That? Quiz at aka cooties

(Via Michele. And yes, I’m as shocked at the results as you are.
Cooties is out to get me. Simple as that.)

OOH! I had a visit to my site by THE MAN today at 10AM (checking his stats, obviously)…

So… remind me why YOU people think YOU’RE so special???? :0P

7 thoughts on “I got yer attitude right here, Canada-boy!

  1. You know, Mike…
    After we’re done with Iraq, you know we’re taking over Canada, right?

    We think the French Canadians are making weapons of mass destruction.

  2. ‘After we’re done with Iraq…’ – Well, I’d be more concerned were it not for the ‘What about all the innocent people? It’s a sovereign nation!’ protestations of … dare I say it? … of people like you.

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