I hate UTF-8!!!!

I feel I need to share that with you.

If charsets were athletes, UTF-8 would be in the special olympics and have a special handicap sticker on it’s car!!! GAWD!!!! ARRRRGH!!!!

Currently I’m doing a MySQL database which features musicians with lots of wild schwas and tildes and accents. My host (for reasons that elude me) now has it so the data converts to UTF-8. So artists like Mel Tormé and Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen turn into illegible words with question marks.

This is why I still use ISO-8859-1 for my charset, I mean how will Mötley Crüe survive the internet with such a restrictive and retarded charset like UTF-8??? I have since had to drop my “®” from WHUZZUP!® because most feeds crash from it.

So if you need these funky characters you can use this chart.

Whoever you are that came up with UTF-8… I hate you too.

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