I joined the looney bin… happy now?

Reverend Mykeru has been talking about this place for a while.

I figure any place that covers topics about… uhm, well… let’s just call it “a boy and his gator, ok?” (I wouldn’t click that link at work, if I were you. BTW, why aren’t you doing your work?), and a place where Andy and Mykeru can amuse us with their hilarious on-going feud without fear of comments altered to read about “their pee-pees”…

…sounds like a fun place to me!
So I joined Mike Malloy’s “Truthseeker’s Forum”.
(I linked directly to the “Politics free-for-all”, that’s where the fun is.)

Bloggers, and their selfishness and stupidity, are really beginning to bore me these days. I’d like some meat with my topics now… thankyouverymuch.

EricBrooks.Com® – If I disowned a friend, simply for disagreeing with me on a point or two, I’d be one lonely dude right now.

8 thoughts on “I joined the looney bin… happy now?

  1. Speaking of loony…my MT is fucked. Will not write to server, will not update. Have people FROM my provider and MT looking INTO it.

    So the mere fact that item has been up for days does not indicate obsession.

    Oh, and thank you for reminding me about Andy’s “pee-pee” fixation.

  2. Were you recently moved to a new server or restored FROM backup tapes? A similar thing happened here a few weeks back, and it was a matter of re-setting the permissions on the folders via Telnet.

    Hope that helps in some way.

  3. -e-, our friends don’t have to agree with us all the time. If someone ‘disowns’ a friend because of a difference of opinion, then maybe they were never really friends at all.

    Don’t know anyone that I would consider even vaguely brave or weird enough to attempt to screw a croc…except perhaps Steve Irwin…that Australian guy called the crocodile hunter.

  4. Not that I know anything about doing this, but CHECK the database logs for your MT installation, Mykeru. Other bloggers have had it just mysteriously eat portions of the database for no apparent reason and had to reload the backup FROM their provider’s tapes (assuming they make them) or FROM their own exported backups.

    And I’m really more of a boob man.

  5. I also am HAVING problems posting, editing those posts, and even seeing other blogger’s posts, till days later. Perhaps this is an internet bug, like England has been suffering from. Or Monkey Pox.
    (P.S. I think Gator is really Charlie Daniels, in another persona.)

  6. Hey – I hear that’s not the only place you like meat… *g*

    I missed you, too. You big pottymouth! 🙂

    And just because I don’t always comment, doesn’t mean I haven’t been keeping an eye on you! Thus sayeth the sock puppet.

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