I miss him already.

Rest in Peace, your Eminence.I was quite taken back with Reverend Mykeru’s writeup on Pope John Paul II’s passing.

I’ve been mainly of the Protestant brand of Christianity, so the Pope always represented the “wrong” kind of Christianity, though I never took a hatred to Catholicism like Jack Chick did.

Actually, I really liked this Pope. Sure he was “a funny little guy with the beanie” and the butt of a lot of my jokes sometimes, but all in all he was a good man who had the task of holding together a dying and archaic institution, wracked with scandals and falling apart at the seams.

Compare him to past Popes like Pope Clement V who destroyed the Knights Templar on bogus charges of heresy, or Pope (wait for it…) Innocent III who exterminated the Cathars for carrying a different take on life… and Pope John Paul II was a gem. Unlike past Popes who were full of self-importance and took themselves way too seriously, this Pope was a humble man who served and loved the people. He suffered a great deal over the years, and he proved you can be powerful and gentle at the same time. He will be a tough act to follow for his successor.

It’s important to many of my Catholic friends to know, that despite all the jokes… he was a man of honor that I truly respected.

Rest in peace, good sir.

2 thoughts on “I miss him already.

  1. Yes, the Rev’s write-up was one of the best I saw, so I linked it. I am also very impressed with your vast knowledge on this subject of history and religion. I’m going to have to make a return trip to go through your various links though; last time it took me all day to go through just two of your links, learning about the Knights Templar, the Illuminati, the Freemasons, the DaVinci code v. ancient biblical writings, etc. Positively inspiring, the act of learning is to me.

  2. Positively inspiring, the act of learning is to me.

    Yeah, I’m just re-igniting that part in me right now (Thanks to Ginko Biloba, my mind is becoming sharp as a tack).

    I just ordered a load of books from Amazon. Most of Anton LaVey’s books… his insights into human psychology is fascinating.

    I also got “Holy Blood/Holy Grail” and “The Templar Revelation”. I watched “Beyond the DaVinci Code” on the History Channel and HAD to get these books. I may offer them,out when I’m done with them.

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