I pray nightly for your death

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You know, moron…
You don’t really think things through, do you?

If I’m this irritating and obnoxious while I’m alive, what do you think I’ll be like as a ghost haunting your silly ass for a long, boring eternity?

You’ll never want to take your clothes off or be alone in a dark room EVER AGAIN.

Be careful what you wish for, cupcake. *EvilGrin* 😀

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Published by Eric Brooks

Web & Graphic Designer, Blogger, Musician, Evil Clown. I also code websites and promote people for a living. Still kind of a jerk, though. Approach with food. PS: Don't listen to Snopes. I am REAL NEWS, and I don't let my crush on Tulsi Gabbard interfere with my objective reporting. So NYAH!