I was hoping for this…

After four hours of no comments, the fair citizens of CyberTown have spoken:
Nobody cares about “The Web argument that never ends”

Therefore neither do I.
Time to move on.
You will hear about it no more here.

Therefore, I will resume all the fun and usual antics here, when I get back from seeing Harry Potter at the movies today.

(Comments are still set to “Flamewar Mode”, in case anyone pulls any funny bidness…. I’ll change that when I get back)

9 thoughts on “I was hoping for this…

  1. How the f*ck do you expect us to comment when a post is made at that time of day anyway? It’s weekend, it’s sunday and I rarely get up that early unless I haven’t gone to bed yet.

    And I’m still not going to make a comment now that I’m almost awake. I really don’t know any of you well enough (or at all) to make any educated comments, so I really prefer to stay quiet eventhough I do have my own private opinion about this.

  2. *sigh* I so regret not keeping a tally of the times the main players have uttered ‘It ends right here’, ‘I don’t care,’ and ‘Move on.’ If I had even a dime for each time it was typed, I’d have accrued enough for dinner AND dessert at Chili’s.

    The phrases ‘I don’t care’, ‘time to move on’, and ‘I’m through with this’ would carry a whole lot more weight if all of you would actually stop talking about it. As a wise person once said to me, ‘The best way to stop an argument is to just stop. Period.’

  3. You know Jen, with all due respect…
    When you’re constantly antagonized and reading lies by these mentally ill people for weeks and try to ignore it, please tell me how I’m supposed to react? I hope this was posted on their sites as well…. because they’ve been posting that they’ve been “done” at least a half dozen times.

    I can’t make any promises, but several people made good points all over the place, so I think I’m done. :0)

  4. Eric does have a point, Jen. Take our own disagreement. It was nasty, we stewed in public, we talked it out in private, it was done. Not everyone is capable of that level of maturity, and sometimes those people drag the rest of us into things we’d just as soon pass over because we are, after all, still human, and don’t like people talking about us.

  5. It’s the use of ‘I’m over it’ that is making me roll my eyes. It’s glaringly apparent no one is. Besides, the ‘other side’ portrays their ‘adversaries’ as being just as mental.

    I have friends on both sides of this. Thus far, I’m not inclined to decide that either side is comprised of psychopaths and liars.

    And would I be upset if someone was talking about me? Well, yeah. But it’s happened before, and I’ve survived it. And one of things that brought it to a standstill the quickest was to shut up about it myself and go on with things as though I couldn’t hear a word of it and wouldn’t care if I did. Yes, it’s tough to do. Yes it’s tempting to want to pee all over someone over it. But you know what? You come out smelling much better and you gain a lot more respect with people who might not know which side is ‘right’ (assuming either side IS right…) than if you continue to protest loudly. Folks will continue to bait each other if they’re guaranteed of getting a rise out of the other party most of the time. If they don’t get a rise, they’ll get bored and bother someone else.

    As for leaving my comments everywhere, why would I waste the typing when I know that all those concerned will be reading here too? I assume they understand that this applies to *all* concerned parties. If they don’t, let this serve as a confirmation that it does.

  6. I assume they understand that this applies to *all* concerned parties. If they don’t, let this serve as a confirmation that it does.

    I hope they are seeing this, Jen. And point well taken.
    But I think you know, they’ll rip you apart of you said that on their site, too. :0)

    I’ve had to endure all kinds of personal crap being spewed on their pages, when I could have returned in kind (and they have some DOOZIES I could have tossed to the bloodthirsty crowd), I’ve had my job jeopardized, my friends attacked, crap about my kids posted… so I think I showed a hell of a lot of restraint in that aspect.

    If I had reacted to *everything* they did, I would have looked as obsessed as them. Bottom line is if they leave me alone, I’ll leave them alone.

  7. Half of what we call madness is just some poor slob dealing with pain by a strategy that annoys the people around him.
    -Lois McMaster Bujold

    I just can’t say it any better. The biggest problem for me and what got under my skin was that any post about a conflict called (not directly) for a judgement without all the facts. There was never any way to verify any facts presented. It’s text against text and they hold the same weight with me. So it was better not to get involved unless bored. In that I was guilty.

  8. It’s okay John, you can say it… WE SUCKED! This dead horse was beaten, vivisected and sodomized…. I’m dissappointed in everyone’s performance. Mostly mine.

    We had to rely on comments by you, Nico, Shelagh, and Kimberly to keep the thing remotely interesting, Faith wasn’t in the mood, and kept being dragged into it by all of us, Lee is still new at this, I was totally distracted (and definitely not playing my best game), and I just didn’t get Kare… I’ve seen that girl open up a can of whoopass on a gang of baddies single-handedly. She can flame on a Faith/Michele caliber if she put her mind to it.

    Bear in mind, Kare and I met on a Yahoo club called “The Hate Debate”, where one day we got sick of the club founder’s abuse, flamed her sorry, fat ass out of her OWN club, and torched the fucking place down.
    (*SIGH* the good old days!)

    You know what the problem was?
    Lack of simplicity. There was no CLEAR issue being argued. So many accusations were flying around, spectators needed a playbook and knowledge of a lot of inside information.

    Like that Little Green Footballs debacle.
    Too much reading and research was required… I lost total interest.

    NEXT TIME: One issue, and one issue only, people!!!!! Clear and concise arguments.
    *K.I.S.S.* (Keep It Simple Shithead)

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