If your job sucks, and you know it… clap your hands.

Nope. Not me. I couldn’t be happier!
Up to date equipment, relaxed artistic environment, cool co-workers, and a state-of-the-art recording studio being built in the room next to me as I write this.

However, for the less-fortunate, I offer from MSN Careers:
Six Signs That You Should Run – Not Walk – from Your New Job

1. You ask your new boss for supplies and she hands you a No. 2 pencil and legal pad — and nothing else.
2. You were shown to a cubicle your first day of work, given a company manual and haven’t been spoken to since.
3. Every time you tell someone about your new job with the company they raise their eyebrows and say “Really? Wow… good luck with that.”
4. After two weeks on the job, you are already halfway to becoming the employee with the most seniority.
5. You answer the phone while the company’s secretary is away from her desk and find that the voice at the other end is a collection agency calling for the third time that week.
6. You notice that every day for the last five days, at least one person has run crying from your boss’s office.

Now, I realize I’ve promised a short while back to be a kinder, less vicious person, who doesn’t trash past acquaintances and places of employment…

But well, um, I have a “friend” who recently used to work for a job that had many of these signs (1,3,5 and an less-exaggerated 6). And I can’t help but feel bad for the person (who’s getting #2 in abundance) that replaced me… uhm, I mean my friend.

While it’s understandable why people have a duty to their family to hold jobs down that make them completely miserable… I’ll never understand why they’re not at least looking for a new one.

Remember my theme from last year:
“You can’t be King of the world if you’re Slave to the Grind”.

What jobs have YOU had that fit this criteria, and when did you run screaming from it?

7 thoughts on “If your job sucks, and you know it… clap your hands.

  1. Hey, Mr. Brooks! I got a question…what if you…ahemm…I mean a “FRIEND”…works at a RETAIL STORE??? What are the signs that you should BOUNCE and find yaself a BETTER JOB???

    Here are my SIX SIGNS for a RETAIL STORE job on when your ass should start lookin for better work:
    1) You been there less than six months and have called out atleast five or more times in the short period of time you been employed by the store

    2) You recieve minimium wage for less than 20 hours a week and get paid every two weeks…PLUS! Your paycheck is less than $200

    3) Your co workers (who been there longer than you) give you dirty looks and get snotty with you…”If looks could kill…” runs thru your mind on a daily basis everytime you see those particular co workers

    4) They start cutting your hours towards the end of the week or when you call out and you fear your ass may get written up or fired…the boss be like “Is okay, we’re over hours anyways & need to cut hours for this week”

    5) When you get written up for stupid ass shit (not really stupid but if the bosses knew you…they wouldn’t of written you up cause they know it was a mistake) and the very next day you get written up for calling out and not having someone to cover you…the fact that you got written up gain (twice in two days in a row) and you don’t give a fuck no more

    6) If you don’t have a driver’s license and the sight of the public bus (aka public transportation) makes your skin crawl cuz of all the nasty shit you see on it on a daily basis just to & from work…the smell of the bus makes you wanna throw up…PLUS! You start makin fun of other passengers (in ya head)…you start to wonder “Is this job really worth this bullshit ass bus ride to & from work? That is nearly 2 hours long????”

    Those are my 6 SIGNS for RETAIL STORE JOBS on when you should start lookin for a better job that is ACTUALLY WORTH those smelly bus rides to & from work that actually have BENEFITS & BETTER PAY!!!

    OH! One more sign…
    7) If you reach this far and haven’t been fired or quit but need the job desperate to pay off your damn debts and is seriously unhappy & severely depressed cuz this is the best you can get without a college degree…than is time to do something and make a change in ya life…

    Now don’t be lookin at me…am really talking bout a “FRIEND” who is suffereing from these signs *smiles innocently*…I am past beyond all these signs…I could write a damn book!!!

  2. Well, my last official full time job, it would be 2, 3, a bit of 4, and 6. 6 being the most common. The temp job that I’m supposed to be at (where they’ve said that they’ll “call me” if there’s work to be done) that would be #2 in spades…

    Methinks it’s time to get out of Biotech…

  3. Jeez Pandora… #1 on your list would be enough for some people to run screaming.


    Yankee Dyke: #2 just seems to me like the people there have no clue what they’re doing. Usually due to an overzealous office manager who more interested in kissing higher-up ass than, well, managing an office.

  4. tell me about it…what was worse is that this manager did this to me, and then basically said “well, you sold yourself too high, I expected you to have these procedures revised in 2 weeks!” Which, in some ways, yes, that’s what happened, but she also knew my experience from my resume…she didn’t need me, she needed an official technical writer….but! get this, I’m still “on call” for them, and she hasn’t given the temp agency the official “nah, we don’t need her anymore”….I haven’t even been able to go and get all my stuff….

    Nah, I’m not bitter…

  5. On the contrary Eric…sign #2 on my list is the one that would make people running & screaming from a job that shitty…

    #1 could just be a sign of laziness…*LOL*

  6. Well I have had several jobs that I have wanted to up and run out on, but unfortunately because I am a responsible adult I can’t just up and go doing that. My current job is just funny, I get to sit at my desk most days and do nothing, its great, and I get paid very well for it. I mean I hate it but at the same time I can’t really complain to much.

  7. How about a job with ALL 6 signs?
    1. This one was more like order something and then don’t pay for it after being invoiced.
    2. People spoke to me, and I really actually liked my co-workers. Our cubicles were made of glass (we called them fishbowls) so management could keep an eye on us. I was given a folder with my email username and password and another piece of paper with instructions on how to operate the phone system. Last but not least another piece of paper was a confidentiality agreement. That was the extent of my training.
    3 This one is great! When you would tell people who you worked for they would say, “I’m sorry.”
    4. Our company’s turnover rate is so high not only is there a seniority issue, but when I left, there were more managers than employees working there and 4 of them were college interns.
    5 As of the day I left, it had been well over a month since our boss had come in to sign checks so accounting could pay bills. Also, just before I left, we experienced 3 pay periods that they almost never made payroll.
    6 Since we hardly ever saw our boss, the office thing was usually rare, but he would call you up and scream insults at you on the phone. He also monitored emails remotely and if he didn’t like what you wrote to customer, he would either call you up or email you to tell you what an idiot you were. I can’t remember the last time I saw a whole day without anybody crying.

    Anyway, I lasted 7 months before I gave notice. Yes, I gave notice and stayed the full 2 weeks. My spouse was upset with me because I didn’t have another job lined up before I quit, but you know its time to go when you wake out of a sleep crying.

    Great site by the way. Found you by way of Wulfgar’s site.

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