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HAHAHAHA! hahaha!!!

Don’t you people know me by now? I already left.
Those ridiculous long, drawn out, goodbyes drive me insane, and I honestly doubt too many people will give a crap or even notice anyway.

I said a long time ago that when I got fed up with that place, I was leaving… and well I was fed up. I am tired of the head games, the fragile little egos, the mediocrity, the personality clashes… ad nauseum.

I joined MySpace in 2006 as a vehicle to promote my websites and projects. I learned what works, what doesn’t… but largely it is a big time waster over there. I have some projects that require my immediate attention, and this was just one less distraction.

Maybe I’ll go back, maybe I wont… who knows.
The beauty of  being insane is that it makes me completely unpredictable.

There is a whole lot of talent and potential from quite a few people I see there (Bad Lisa, Chad 360°, Kelly Jo, MANtana, C.C., Qelgoth, Dirty Sally, The RSS, etc), but it’s hard to be heard & seen over a cesspool of losers with made-up online personas, and puffed up, overinflated egos who want adoration and fame for basically nothing but being an obnoxious asshole.

MySpace: A Place for Drama

The place doesn’t serve my needs, so it is time to move on.
My friends know where to find me.

UPDATE 12/6/09: Okay, okay… I Do have a backup profile there that I will be using just for correspondence and a small group of close friends, but don’t expect a whole lot out of me over there. Like my Facebook profile, I have pretty much abandoned ship on the “S.S. FukUTomAnderson” too.

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Published by Eric Brooks

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