I’m not Luther

Not I’m not.
Nobody is Luther.
Sometimes *Luther* isn’t even Luther.

But I can sing, and sing I will.
For the first time in Lord knows how long I will be Karaoke-ing tonite.

Of course there will be anything on the list done by George Michael or a Brothers Gibb… maybe some Earth, Wind and Fire (the last time I did “Boogie Wonderland” I swear that damn song went on for an hour… had three rounds of applause as I kept sitting down, only to find out it was just a musical interlude….

How long is that damn song anyway??!!??)

Perhaps I can stick around long enough to do my national-anthem-that-I-have-yet-to sing, “Play That Funky Music White Boy“….

If I do “One In A Million You” again, I will get laid for sure…
Hopefully the Mrs. will be there to hear me sing it this time. :0)

Any requests?

Nico poses the following theory:
“people who talk the most about sex is the ones who has less of it. ”

*blinks. Looks around.*

Anyway, back to sex talk…

I do humbly apologize for the previous post. Could have been a great discussion about the Second Step Program… but instead I was sidetracked by the soft, juicy body radiant beauty of the young woman presenting it.

That was strange, like she was giving off pheremones, or something.

Probably one of three times in my life where I can actually taste my prey, and thought of nothing but pumping her silly I’ve gotten infatuated like that.

She did pay me extra attention though. I could ask the other daddies there if they sensed the same thing. I dunno, it was weird, and it seems to be reduced to masturbating over her only two times a day subsiding.

8 thoughts on “I’m not Luther

  1. *fans herself* Ok….. Whatever this post was about, I have to go and find Warren now……….. *whew*……. Have a great weekend E……. Sounds like your wife will anyway! ;o)

  2. Ah, but you see, my friend you are operating under the myth that married people get nookie anytime they want. That’s not necessarily true (well it is the first few months where the honeymooners are going at it like little horny jackrabbits.)

    There’s just a lot of factors that come to play in time (and it’s certainly no one’s fault in particular), like kids who climb in bed after a nightmare, working couples who can’t work it in the schedule, moron sex-addict web designer husbands who chose to play on the internet all night and make pr0n movies in Poser rather than go to bed at a normal hour…. stuff like that. :0)

  3. I know, but I still don’t think it’s right, it’s almost like investing a lot of money in a softicemachine and still not get all the softice you want ;o) Or maybe one get tired of softice after a couple of months? Yes, I believe you have a point.

  4. I guess it depends on the situation…
    My wife and I have had access to each other’s “ice machines” for over ten years now, we’ve been through hell and back, in a marriage that was predicted to never make it to the two year mark, much less ten.

    It was rocky for a while (as you know, Nico), but the bottom line is we’re comfortable with each other, and more secure than we were in the past (as I was reminded of a little incident with paint stripper and some guy’s brand new corvette… I’ll tell you all about it when the statute of limitations is up.)

    We both find other people attractive, and she gets hit on constantly, but we’d never cross that line… we’d probably put out personal ads, and it would end up like the “Pina Colada Song”.

    I think what I’m trying to say is after ten and a half years, two full time jobs, and a ton of kids… meeting each other by the “soft ice machine” takes a lot of skillful planning and scheduling. ;0)

  5. Not many couples make it to the hell and back, mostly you get a one way ticket to hell, so to make it back again on your own is a pretty damn good job :o)
    After all sex is not much to build a relationship on, it’s kind of a bonus you get when everything else is working as it should.

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