I’m so glaaaad we had this tiiiime togetherrrr

Yes. She's sucking on a thumb... so?
gfingr1.gifThank you all SOOOO much for all your help in putting together this week’s
EVENT OF THE CENTURY“. Congratulations to everyone who either gave/got the finger. Out of all the people that deserved the finger… YOU were definitely one of them… [See all the winners]

*Time to dim the lights, put on the sappy music, and get preachy here.*

The problem with blogland (and webloggers in general) that annoys the hell out of me the most, is the “What about me” attitude. Everyone wants an award, everyone wants a pat on the back… but so few people want to do it in return.

We’re ALL trying to leave our mark out here. And it makes us feel good to see our name on another site, or someone to go “Hey, I noticed you.”

Besides this starting as a spoof, it became something more. Instead of people going “WHAT ABOUT ME???“, Lots of wonderful people went “What about him/her…?

It was beautiful.

Zeldman didn’t reach the popularity he did by talking about himself all day… he did it by promoting others.

He shined a spotlight on so many people, they returned the favor, and the myriad of spotlights made him shine like a star. Kottke, Metafilter, Blogger…. how successful would they have been had Zeldman not mentioned it for all of us to see?

Now I met a ton of new friends, and a lot of great new sites (Like Sue Bailey, who is absolutely phenomenal… and I can’t believe I’m only hearing about her now.)

The final winners…

TRIAL BY FIRE (and other legal crap)

  • Because she’s been through hell and back too and has a great outlookAnne of semi composementis
    (Awarded by Pete B.)

That one really touched me, as I saw he’s honoring a woman who is a cancer survivor…. so (as usual) I’ll break my own rules, and give Pete B. the Jack Dawson award for the line Rose gave him in “Titanic”…


  • “You have a gift, Jack. You SEE people.”Pete B. of The Blog O’ the Blurf!
    (Awarded by -=e=-)

The other winners….

  • Cutest Picture of Blogger with Tree CompanionRed Eagle of Eagle Eye View
    (Awarded by Faith)
  • Most cuddliest and sweet blogger in the whole dern blogiverse!Faith of ctrl-alt-ego
    (Awarded by Pete)

  • Congratulations… thank you all for the fun of this runaway train wreck, making this special, and being a part of it… and taking NONE of it seriously.

    So who’s coming to the East Coast Gathering in March?

    131 thoughts on “I’m so glaaaad we had this tiiiime togetherrrr

    1. [i’m still amazed at how sweet you are.] v. fun experience and am looking forward to next year’s show as a rubber-necked onlooker might at the site of a 5-car pile up.


    2. heh heh…
      Yeah it WAS fun, wasn’t it?

      For my next trick… we’re gonna take Faith, Michele, and a few other flame warriors. Stick ’em together, and have them battle to the death.

      Tentatively titled: “Barroom Palooka-Palooza”

    3. All though I basically come here to communicate with those who keep pugs and orange toilets, I’ve noticed a very positive and entertaining activity going on here this week ;o) Great show -e-, as expected.

    4. Thanks -e- 🙂 It WAS fun! And a little silliness is always a good thing in the face of a lot of bullshit. Blogging shouldn’t be a popularity contest. It’s a medium to talk about things that interest you, it’s about sharing ideas, debating ideas, and having some fun in the process.

      That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with wanting people to read what you have to say, but be realistic – there are thousands of blogs out there. Even the academy awards, et. al., have a lesser pool to draw from.

      Oh, Eric, if you’re looking for hits, might I suggest holding a “Boobapalooza”? *g*

    5. Gee, thanks for making me feel like the dirty side of a wad of gum stuck to the sole of a sewer worker’s foot. I spent so much time promoting myself for the Blogwhore game, I hardly participated in this love fest at all. Bastidges. Make me feel guilty, will ya? 🙁

      That’s ok, I’ll just keep telling everyone how much I despise you all. Mwahahahaha!

      Same time next year, then?

    6. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with wanting people to read what you have to say

      Not at all… it’s this time of year, when all the awards get doled out, and all the “That’s ok, I only write for me. I don’t care if *nobody* comes.” posts come out.

      I don’t believe that bullshit for a minute. These things would be written in a diary under their bed, or a text file on their hard drive. I can only think of two people that really mean that.

      Me? I’m an entertainer. I fully admit I’m in it for the attention.

      I was an entertainer before the web, and I will be one when the internet becomes as obsolete as 8-track tapes, and we all go back to typewriters.

      I love an audience, and will go as far as chopping off my fingers in front of a live webcam feed if I know it’s gonna draw a crowd.

      When no one comes here… baby Jesus and I weep together. :0(

    7. -e-, I’ll say it again, YOU ROCK!
      and Faith, I have to agree w/Pete on this one, ok, well I don’t know the cuddly part, but you are sweet *s*
      *lacing up running shoes*

    8. I hardly participated in this love fest at all.
      Aw Solonor… you were here for a LOT of the fun!

      Oh, Eric, if you’re looking for hits, might I suggest holding a “Boobapalooza”? *g*

      (Now, where have I heard *that* before?) :0)

    9. If you chop off your fingers -e-, it will be very difficult for you to continue the success after the chopping stunt, unless you are very talented with your toes ;o)

    10. not only do the “i only blog for me” posts come out, but a high number of sites drop like flies for a myriad number of “reasons” that suddenly come up. (i can understand the need to not blog for a while, take a break, prioritize one’s life, but i’m saying..it seems that a great wave hits about this time every year, doncha think?)

      and i like what you said about being an entertainer, -e-. i wouldn’t have a blog if i didn’t feed off it in some way. some might criticize this but to that i say ‘Thou HYPOCRITE!’ we all blog because we like the attention and the feedback and the community and the expression and the loooove and the friends we make. no blog in existence is around for any other reason.

      [why do i feel as if i’ve just called on a pack of wolves??? ]

      ho hum…hushing now.

    11. Personally, I started blogging because I thought it sounded like a fun thing to do. I’ve been reading Faith’s blog for a couple of years, I’ve seen the flaming, I’ve seen the soap opera-esqueness of it, and believe me – that’s NOT what inspired me to get my own blog.

      I’m not a person who generally looks to be the center of attention, but I’ll have my moments. I’m not a shy person. I was fairly popular in high school. I have a lot of friends, both online and in the “real” world (and several online friends whom I’ve met in the “real” world), so the whole issue of blogging to be popular – I freely admit I’m just not coming from the same place as some people are.

      Sure, I love it when people come by my site, and even more when people leave comments, but it’s not the end-all, be-all of my life. I play volleyball, I ski, hike/camp/raft/canoe, I read, I write fanfic, I hang out with friends, IM with them and sometimes sit around and veg and bitch about how I need to clean my apartment… Point is, there’s more to my life than just blogging.

      I was never able to keep a diary or a journal. I lost interest very quickly. But I blog because I love interacting with people. Hell – I leave comments on other people’s sites MUCH more often than I post on my own blog! And honestly, -e-‘s blog is a lot more fun than mine.

      So maybe I’m weird. Ok, so perhaps there’s no maybe about it. I blog because I think it’s fun and I enjoy doing it. I don’t feel obligated to do it. It doesn’t mean I begrudge people for wanting and liking attention. We all want or need it in some manner, and I agree with both -e- and Bran. But that’s not really the issue at all.

      When I say “I blog for me”, I mean that I blog because I get something out of it that I enjoy. Why else would I bother to spend the time I do at it? And what’s wrong with that?

      I have issues with the manner in which some people choose to interact with each other and the reasons behind it. Some people need to lighten up and get themselves a sense of humor. Jealousy rears its ugly head over such petty issues. The whiny, accusatory, “adults acting like spoiled or petulant children” pity parties drive me nuts. Am I always a model of nettiquette and decorum? Hell no! But I at least try to view things with a sense of humor and respect. Not everyone is going to like me, but I can live with that. Not everyone else can, though. Doesn’t make me special. Just makes me “me”.

      So what were you saying about a pack of wolves, Bran? *g*

    12. If you chop off your fingers -e-
      Or a very realistic computer simulation. :0)

      it seems that a great wave hits about this time every year
      Yes… when awards come out. People take a deep look inside of themselves and their work. Personally, I develop a hate/hate relationship with the web from November-January. Usually I’m fried from all the clients who want a website to make a million zillion bucks by Christmas.

      I agree with both Lambchop and Bran.
      I’d like to add people start facing criticism for something they said/did that’s when they start getting interesting and you watch character either develop or wither… I think we all do a lot of “growing” online in front of everyone. We go through the angst of acceptance of our peers, we learn “freedom of speech” doen’t mean you can “just say anything you want”, we learn to accept outside criticism, we learn our voices are somewhat amplified.

      I stumbled across this last night and cracked the hell up… it was like a picture of us in grade school:
      The Jeffrey Zeldman Fan Club

      I see little Eric, I see lil’ Faithiepoo, I see little Kitty-Kitty, I even see widdle Bran waaay in the back!!!!

      heh heh…
      It’s okay. You may all call me a bastard now. :0)

    13. *plops down in a chair* Run? Why for? I don’t get it! Surely cuddlie-poo faith isn’t trying to be scary! 🙂 After all, what about those Faith *hearts* Me buttons?

    14. YOU ROCK!
      No, T…YOU ROCK!!!!
      For those that don’t know the story… Red Eagle was in a rather ugly court/custody battle last year, as there was ridiculous accusations that she ignored her kids while blogging all the time.

      If you look at the times of the posts, and how infrequently she updates… it’s obvious this is bullshit. That’s why R.E. won the “Trial by Fire” award.
      (There’s a story behind a LOT of the award titles. Usually it’s an “inside thing” between me and the winner.)

    15. a) faithie is so cuddly and sweet. and i’m not even afraid of her. cause she knows she is. so 😛

      b) WHY THE FUCK DID I NOT MAKE IT INTO THE SECOND ROUND? is it because i’ve gotten nice? i used to be a real bitch. shows you how far being nice gets you…. but fuck LISA gets 2 fucking awards. I think i DESERVE a second round award because you didn’t know the WHOLE fucking story and made me look like a dope 😛 personally, i might very well be boring at times, but i’m the best fucking depressed person on the internet.. at least the one who doesn’t say “pity me” I DON”T KNOW. but dammit. why the fuck didn’t *I* make it???

      i guess i’m just not in the popular crowd. oh well, i don’t care. i live in the neighborhood of the anarchists from the seattle wto protests, i raced in the 1992 olympic whitewater slalom olympic trials, oh yeah, and my dad can kick your ass! 😛

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