I’m too friggin’ tired to be profound..

Tomorrow, something upbeat, gossipy, and whimsical…

Just I don’t have the time and I’m exhausted.
I’m fine, guys. Faith can even tell you, when she called to check up on me & the Mrs., that I’m all perky and stuff.

However, there are others in the family that *could* use your prayers and good thoughts… and as always, I’ll be in your debt for it. Details have been sketchy, and that’s only because there are certain things I am no longer allowed to talk about, as you all know…. but most of you pieced the puzzle together. You guys are truly wonderful. Thank you.

Just wanted to share a little tibit of knowledge I’ve learned in the past 24+ hours, and maybe this will help someone down the line:

Sometimes things don’t *have* to have a reason for it to happen.
It just happens.

8 thoughts on “I’m too friggin’ tired to be profound..

  1. it’s been my experience that there’s always a reason… it’s just not always immediately clear. Anyway, you know I’m here if you need me.

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