In case you missed the announcement…(The Chilled Version)

I’ll say it again….

After being sucked up into this whole, bloggy-hunka-linky-luv/blog-wars junk, I’ve gotten back to doing what I do best: Taking the nightmare (referred hereafter as “My Life”), all the negative energy thrown at me, and turning it into something positive (referred hereafter as “Eric Brooks.Com”).

See, last week’s chain of events was a real-eye opener to me: Blah blah blah blah blah; an “Avenging Weenie”; blah blah blah blah; Kare is a cutie (and helped me see the light); and constant reminders from folks who have followed this site from the beginning, and don’t understand what the hell is going on lately.

So now I’m thinking: “If someone were considering anyone of us for a web design gig, and read this stuff… what the hellheck would they be thinking about our professionality?

If I see see something I like, and consider it noteworthy… I’ll be there to praise it. If you were kind enough to link to me, I will reciprocate. Flame me, and I will ignore your petty little ass (no promises on that one, though). :0)

Faith, I love ya to death… but you drive me insane sometimes.

Now to the rest of you: How long is my tongue supposed to stay yellow from that “Asbestos-licking” incident?

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