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Mr. WinkyNEW YORK (AP) – Famed flash actor Mr. Winky, was found dead in his apartment today. Police are ruling it “suspicious”, and no two-legged suspects have been named. While his fall appeared like a suicide, an unnamed doorman was quoted as saying: “Man… Humpty Dumpty was pushed.”


  • Sayed’s goon squad has now decided to give me a break and has now moved on to harrassing Maria… Who has run Traceroutes on their IP addresses, tracked them down, and kicked all their asses… YOU GO GIRL!!!!
    (How much more of this guy’s shit do we have to put up with, anyway?)
  • Sources in Norfolk, VA say that Michele will be on CNN Monday.
  • Cheyenne has started a meme today called “Wednesday Wishes”. Leave your “I wish…” either in her comments, or somewhere where she can find it… sounds FUN! And we need some fun around here.
  • The Super DudesNo promises, but I’m trying to get The Super-Dudes out the door sometime tomorrow night.

    Why? Cuz the web’s so boring without me….
    (Gawd I can’t get that Eminem song out of my head…)

    5 thoughts on “In the news…

    1. ROFLMAo…I’m off the internet for a while, and I come back to this! good ol’ Eric has only been back a few days, and is already starting a war. I fucking love it!!

    2. There is a whois program that I use Gnome girl! Works great! Warren usually uses it for his online game, but this time I borrowed it! ;o)

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