Indecision ’04 – May the lesser evil win!

Erika: “Daddy said we’re only voting for people with a “K” in their names. ‘Kerry’, ‘Kelly’….”
Ashley: “What does the ‘W’ stand for, daddy.”
Me: “Uhhhh… ‘Walcer’, with a ‘C’… shut up!” 😉

I was on line for a good 2 1/2 hours to vote.

I took my 11 year old, Erika in the booth with me. (Big Kelly Lewis fan, doncha know…).

You know what… I did my duty. I’m done.
I am so “Electioned out“, it ain’t funny.

One thing that I thought was dumb was there were several guys outside trying to pass Republican literature out to the folks on the line trying to get people to sway their votes (my impression was it was a pro-Kerry crowd of 6-1.).

In my opinion, if you were willing to brave that line to vote… a flyer and an argument with an electioneer was NOT going to change your mind.

Electioneer: “Okay, tell me why should I change my vote for Kerry? Convince me!”
Guy on line: “Look, if you’re voting for Bush, I respect that. Just as I hope you respect that I’m voting for Kerry”.

ouch. that’s gonna leave a mark.

But there’s a lesson there.
I’ve come to learn that my friends are really really smart. Some are voting for Bush. Some are voting for Kerry. And they are doing so with damn good reasons.

Some people (who I’d rather not name them or their sites) have burned their bridges beyond REPAIR for the sake of their guy. Me? Quite frankly, I’d rather see my guy lose, than lose any of my friends. People stopping by here has respected my choices, as I hope they know I’ve respected theirs.

I’m registered as “Non Partisan”. Been one for five years now. I’m no longer a Republican, and I sure as hell will never become a Democrat. I vote for who I believe will be the best person for the job.

No matter who wins tonight, I ASSURE you the sun will still rise again, and the earth will continue to spin…

And I will be as BRUTAL in satire to the winner over the next four years as I have been to Clinton and Bush in the past. This I vow.

With that said… may the lesser evil win.

5 thoughts on “Indecision ’04 – May the lesser evil win!

  1. Man, I keep hearing about these LINES. I’ve never seen a line any time I’ve voted. And one time, the place was kind of crowded, but the line consisted of like the 2 people who were in my way between me and the TABLE to sign in at. No kind of lines outside the polling place kind of thing. Never seen that. Today, the poll I was at was quiet as a tomb. There were people arriving consistently… but no lines.

    Anyway, I totally agree with you about people sometimes burning their bridges with their political views. That’s what happens when people use personal attacks in their political arguments, and why I avoid it (I don’t do it, and I avoid conversing with people who do.) (I’m assuming that’s the kind of thing you’re referring to.) Most (sane & emotionally healthy) people are not persuaded by abuse anyway, so I’m not sure if they think they’re getting anywhere with those kinds of shenanigans.

    Yes, the sun will rise tomorrow no matter who wins. And the world will likely to continue on its way to hell in a handbasket as well. haha. The only thing the election will determine is who’s disappointed & who’s satisfied when the sun rises, and maybe how bumpy the ride will be in that handbasket. 😉

  2. I thought it was illegal to be handing out campaign literature at a polling place on election day.

    I would think so too, but apparently not in the Poconos. The first time I voted out here, I had about 5 potential candidates swoop in on me as I was walking INTO the building.

    I was like, “wtf???”
    And I didn’t vote for any of them just to spite them. 🙂

  3. I think there is a 50 foot rule or something. Here it is 20 feet, anyway.

    I am SO glad this election is over. And the Sun is shining, making a rare appearance!

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