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You’re the rock that I stand on
You’re the girl of my dreams
You’re the one who brings music to a world ripped at the seams

You’re a starlight serenade
An angel sent FROM above
You’re my inspiration of love

One of the things that annoy the hell out of me (beside annoying love/dove/above rhymes) is the number of things I start but never finish. I wrote this song in 1992, even got as far as most of the MIDI programming. Certainly never went to the studio with it.

Of course I would think of this song every June 5th.
It’s the song I wrote for our wedding. Today’s our 11th anniversary.

If I dare
To fall in love
Where will the road we’re taking finally end
Will we still be friends?

If I dare
To fall in love
How will I know if you’ll be waiting there
If I dare
To fall in love with you

Given the maelstrom that has been our lives this past few years, marriage has been another thing that’s been put on hold & collecting dust on a shelf somewhere. We’ve let anniversaries come and go, too busy for Valentine’s day. It’s been more about survival then living.

Maybe I’ve got it all wrong. Perhaps it’s time to stop asking myself why I never finished the song, and search deep down inside as to why I started writing the song in the first place.

Maybe find ourselves again amidst the settling dust again.
Well, hey… we’re gonna try this year, by putting our hectic schedules on hold. Tonight’s festivities will be me dropping by her job with Chinese Take-Out and have a quiet candle citronella light dinner together, as someone keeps an eye on the kids.

See? Who says I’m not a romantic.

22 thoughts on “Inspiration and other mushy, icky, girly stuff

  1. Aw, thanks Rah!
    Yours is the 7th, right? When is Solonor’s?

    Heh… weddings in June. Who thunk that one up? :0)

  2. hope you have a great day, and that everything works out for the two of you! you guys have been through so much, you deserve a little happiness and peace!

  3. It sounds lovely! Tell you what, write about all the sweet things youhave planned for the next week or two, so that I can steal your ideas and get in good with MY missus too 🙂
    HappyAnniversary, dude!

  4. I see I picked the right day to DROP in (saw your comment at Buffy….thanks again), but 11 years is commendable. Happy Anniversary. You have my permission to skip work tomorrow after all, with dinner, drinks and ummmm…well, you know what, you just may not wake up early tomorrow! Have a blast, ….and the song sounds good.

  5. Beaurtiful song, Eric. I know you are a softy…slippery on the outside, soft-cream center like a delicious caramel chewy.
    I hope you had a wonderful anniversary! Sorry I’m so late, just catching up again (awake this time, though). Big hugs and kisses to all the family, as 11 years is phenomenal!

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