Is it time for another friggin update??!!?

You know… I’m one of those guys, that if he has nothing to say, he doesn’t post.

But given my wild lifestyle and track history, that gives a lot of CyberPals cause to panic… so here’s what’s on my plate:

  • My digital empire is coming back with a vengeance – If you knew where to look right now, you can have access to over 3,000 True Type Fonts. The database test has been tested tonight, and it’s gonna rock.

    To make up for the fact that I have to appease court orders and pretend I don’t have a family anymore, a lot of writing has to go… so I’ll be making up for it in downloads. 

    Tucows will be handling the bulk of my desktop themes, screensavers and games, while Renderosity and Animotions will be handling my new 3D gallery…

  • The Macro Program rocks – You know, the one I obsessed over for almost a month (wouldn’t eat, sleep, or go to the bathroom?), and now can extract a magazine publication, and turn it into a website in mere minutes???Now there’s two more publications ready to go online, and I’ve been heralded as some form of a minor godling in parts of the northeast for it. *glee*. (Betcha Chloe’s heard of me…)
  • Another family website – It’s actually ironic. The reason I got into web design, waaaaaaay back in 1997, was because I choked on the prices web designers wanted to create a particular website… now, over 5 years later, I’m finally creating it.Two words: Chocolate Houses.
  • As you can see, I’ve been a busy beaver. :0)

    But if you want a worthwhile topic to discuss, I suggest skipping over to either The Other Cheek or BobtheCorgi’s where they discuss the current nursing shortage…

    You know, if you’re the kinda guy that likes to confront people with guns, lick asbestos shingles on a dare, or go airborne with a van straight into a tree…

    … Believe me you notice little things like the fact that you see a doctor in the emergency room for a total of 30 seconds, while the rest of your six hour stay is attended by nurses who take care of your every needs.

    My favorites are still the ones who dare to ask “How the HELL are you STILL ALIVE??!!??” :0) Hee hee!

    13 thoughts on “Is it time for another friggin update??!!?

    1. I hate to tell you this… but…. no, I never heard of you before I found your twisted blog. hahaha.
      But then, I think you likely travel in different in-person circles than you do.

    2. Huh???
      I thought *EVERYBODY’S* heard of me…
      You know, like The Black Plague, or something…

      Apparently, I haven’t been outrageous enough.
      (Goes off to cry somewhere)

    3. Someone who had met me in person, and seen my web site, said to me today in an e-mail, “I did not know you were the nefarious watermelon”.
      I wrote back to him & told him I’m notorious. Nefarious merely describes someone who has a bad reputation for being very wicked… I’m also widely known. heh.

    4. *laughing until in pain over nefarious watermelon*

      Everyone’s heard of you eric, it’s just that you use so many diverse names they don’t realize that you’re everywhere. They’d be frightened if they were aware of how far reaching your mischief travels…

      Now, it’s of vital importance that you share exactly what you mean by chocolate houses. This is something I really really NEED to know.
      Extremely seriously.

    5. Nefarious.
      Batgrl is nefarious.

      Take my word for it people. Please don’t ask for proof. :0)

      Chocolate Houses: I Was gonna post the PDF I made for her flyers, but that is not particularly wise. I will email you.

    6. Of course I know you. I know everybody.
      (Ok, well it’s rude of godlings with built in omnipotence to be screwing around with people like this… I’m sorry.)

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