Is it time to build an Ark yet?

I’m home because there’s no power in East Stroudsburg. It’s been raining uncontrollably on and off for days and they’re closing the roads soon as we’re expecting massive flooding and more power outages.

And damn I’m up in the MOUNTAINS. What’s going on with you guys? (Of course I had to find a way to state “I’m above you”. I’m a prick that way.). What’s going on? It’s like all the CO2 emissions in the air is causing unpredictable weather and mother nature is getting ready to blow all humanity out of her nose like an infectious SNOT! Why isn’t anyone warning us? Why don’t they make a movie or something????

No, I’m not going to see the movie (though I hear it has rave reviews). Documentaries bore the shit out of me and I learned all about Global Warming and the Greenhouse Effect in school.

But I do have to laugh at the very same people who:

  • Believe life began in the Garden of Eden
  • Found a quack doctor to state that Terri Schaivo had a “chance at recovery”
  • Believe 9/11 was because God is pissed at gays and pagans…

… are calling *THIS* a “MYTH”!!! Despite seeing a killer tsunami and several deadly hurricanes the last few years.

HAW!!! HAWW!!! My irony meter is broken here….
Think God is going to swoop down and save mankind from its own stupidity again?
I wouldn’t.

We are so fucked. 😀

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