… is the best revenge

Now I ask you fair citizens of Cybertown… how cool is this?

I was just contacted by a Communications major at a nearby college who wants to know if he can interview me as part of his finals. I figure, the interview, show them the huge server room w/ the T1’s and the advanced AP hookups, all our proprietary scripting, the new toys (where the hell is my third computer???)… show the kid there is waaaay more to webdesign than just HTML.

Between last weeks awards, and now this interview, my neck hurts from trying to keep my head balanced on it. :0)

Just a great feeling when you live in a world where so many people can just drop off the face of the earth and no one will notice… little things like this come along to remind you that you’re one of the people who count.

Ooh… that came off as terribly elitist, didn’t it? I’m really sorry about that.
No I’m not. :0)

8 thoughts on “… is the best revenge

  1. I’m glad you’re feeling good about work! That’s important! I would like to remind you of one thing however….. ANYONE who has children and raises them and loves them is SOMEONE who counts!!! :o)

    {{{Hugs}}}} Being a Dad is important work too!! ;o)

  2. Thanks Maria…
    Actually, I know *everyone* counts. You’d be amazed how something you do, big or small, changes the lives around you forever. (But you already knew that). :0)

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