Is there a lawyer in the house? How about a detective???

Goddammit!!! Zeldman ripped me off again!

On a serious note, does *anybody* know the whereabouts of Webmistess Jo?
That used to be her schtick… she had this running gag that Zeldman kept stealing all her ideas, FROM the orange page to the verdana font. :0)

I dunno, I’ve been thinking about her a lot since Matt mentioned her on Deborah’s site a few weeks back. Not to mention I’ve been re-doing my old SoApBoX rant FROM 2000 called “Shut the f*ck up – Death to weblogs“, and I mentioned her in it. (She was my partner in crime, making sure to spread the word about that rant and offend as many bloggers as possible. One of whom, happened to be Matt…. NEENER! NEENER!!!).

Besides working with Matt in the now defunct Libris ex Machina, she was also very active in helping launch Glenn Davis’ Astounding Websites, and it’s offspring Big Dave’s Fathom5

I’m right now composing links for the upcoming font site, and hoping I’d run INTO her somewhere, as she was really INTO fonts. (Even her Women’s Font Collective is gone. Damn.)

She was the bestest.
One of the old gang FROM Metafilter.
I miss her.
$5.00 reward for any information to her whereabouts.

8 thoughts on “Is there a lawyer in the house? How about a detective???

  1. As I recall, the main problem with that rant you mention wasn’t its offense so much as its total lack of anything meaningful to say…in other words, it was kinda boring. As I recall, anyway.

  2. You didn’t think a sample of Gwen Stefani’s weblog with her drooling over me was boring???

    Well… *I* thought that was rather exciting. :0)

    That’s what worries me about Jo. I know she had a problem with an online stalker a while back (she flipped out when I printed her real name, I had to remove it ASAP.)

    I mean, for someone *SO* involved in so many things in the web, just for her to drop off the face of the earth like that… that gets me worried. Especially since I was hoping to hear some good news from you.

  3. I hate it when people just disappear like that, possibly because I always imagine the worst things must have happened. Don’t kill me now, but is she a friend of Joe Jenett? I kind of connect the net star url with his pages.

  4. Well Maria, I *do* owe ya, uhm, 99.
    *waggles eyebrows*

    Yes Nico. She was pretty involved working with The Internet Brothers, Coolstop, Zeldman, Glenn Davis… so they pretty much ran in the same circles.

    It’s okay, dude you can say the name.
    *reaches for rosaries and spray bottle of Lysol* :0)

  5. Jo did many interesting things online – I really hate that she’s dropped away – and yeah, I hate it when that happens too, Nico. I wish there were some place besides Fucked Weblogs that you could go to find out Whatever Happened To…

    Oh don’t look at me. If I start any new blogish things it’ll be a very unmeaningful hair dye blog. *snicker*

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