Is there anything worse than re-runs?

I hope so. Cause I am fresh out of content.

A blast FROM the past: E-TV – All -=e=- all the time

It requires the RealPlayer Basic of course.

In my March 2001 episode-

  • Spiderman Getting Down
  • A virtual Tour FROM Reis Homes (Doesn’t work as Reis Homes no longer exists)
  • American Online Commercial (The Debut of “Stress Man” on the site)
  • (Check it out)

I’m backing up all my files, and I came to the realization that I start a lot of things and never finish them.

I hate that about me.

I should really sit down one day and concentrate on doing ONE thing really well, rather than a lot of half-assed things.

Doing research on commercials FROM the Sixties… some cool links to bring back memories coming up.

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