It must be summertime…

It must be the warm weather which wakes the neanderthals out of hibernation, as they come dragging their knuckles out of their caves and in our faces.

Yeah, I’m referring to Kat’s tormentor. That asshole, TGO. (I think it either stands for “Totally Gutless One” or “The Gay Orifice”, who knows.)

Nothing spells “pathetic loser” like a guy that has to fabricate his own hate mail, or have a forum where he starts topic after topic that no one bothers to read, much less give a shit about. He claims to have this army of fans. I believe if there were such people retarded enough to adore this mental midget, they’d all be illiterate, and stumbling on big words like “the” or “dog”.

I feel for ya, TGO. Adoring fans with a second grade reading level make for a shitty fan base on the web. (If I’m losing you here, I CAN type slower.) Personally, I think if you don’t count your right hand, your so-called “army of fans” would total to exactly ZERO. Yeah, I got you pegged, asshat.

I think we should kick off the summer festivities by declaring open season on this asshole for torturing a woman who’s already in a great deal of pain.

Sure it’s like shooting fish duct-taped to the wall at point-blank range, but I have nothing better to do. And I really need his three hits a day, and all the anonymous posts this lamer is going to try and pull. Though I really doubt Turd Grabbing Oddball has the balls to take on an able-bodied man, that will probably put a size-11 foot up his ass if I’m ever down his way on business.

He calls it “Freedom of Speech”, where I come FROM it’s called “Harrassment and Menacing”.

He’s a funny guy.
But looks aren’t everything.

30 thoughts on “It must be summertime…

  1. I don’t think that posted so again: Does he always talk in the third person or is that someone else talking about him? Confusing. Btw, I think JMX was smarter than this fucktard.:)

  2. Aren’t the similarities amazing? (We’re referring to some retard FROM our old Yahoo Club days called JMX. We eventually discovered this guy was just a Steve Urkel-type, so we made him our bitch.) :0)

    The site that he called a “revolutionary web page”, is nothing I haven’t seen before. A typical sniveling coward who hides behind a persona to say all sorts of hateful shit. Unless “revolutionary” means “done to death”… then I’d have to agree.

    Good to see you again, Kare. :0)

  3. Can’t wait till you end up being TGO’s “Dickhead of the Moment”. 🙂 Apparently there are several sites that exist for the express purpose of mocking this guy. FROM what I’ve read, he isn’t very intelligent but considers himself some kind of expert at flamewars. In reality, he’s probably some 15 year old with no parental supervision.

    Heh, I’d forgotten about the “house bitch” thing.;)

  4. Naw, the best was when we all assumed the identities of JMX and his crew with similar screen names and was posting stuff in their club like “JMX must now go and find someone’s dick to suck”. And picking fights with other members so they’d tear each other apart…

    Ah, memories… *SNORT* (We were such terrors!)

    “Dickhead of the moment”. Sure it’s a tremendous honor, but am I really worthy? What if TGO spells my name wrong? ;0)

  5. I thought Jerk is more fitting, but he’s a multi-flame warrior/baby.

    Heck, I’m clear my hate plate. I’m off to better themes. It looks like Kat’s got this guys number too. You go girl. He seems stupid enough to hang himself with his obsessive hate campaign.

  6. Damn… one sharp blow, and the Kung-Fu Master has left the building. *bows humbly to John*

    This is Ego / Evil Clown (usually Jerk, but aren’t we all?) reporting to you LIVE FROM the CyberTown Citadel…

  7. In giving credit where credit is due… we must give thanks to Benway for that guide to flame warriors.

    I was gonna post about it. Honest.

    In the meantime, I’m liking Godzilla’s idea up there about paying his forums a visit. I’ll do that when I get home tonite. :0)

  8. I’m sorry. I had to step out for a bit. My ass was hurting FROM sitting in this damn chair so long. I’m back now, and just read up on everything, and I just got to say that is one sick bastard. I mean sick. I feel nasty just FROM visiting his website. Sick, sick, sick …

  9. Ah, everyone has to have some sub-human to abuse. In my case, as well as many denizens of the new Mike Malloy forum, it is “Gator”. Yes, feel the sheer joy of Gator is a Scumbag. Hey, what else is the net for?

  10. Damn Rev…
    That Gator thread was hilarious. I’d be contemplating suicide if was that guy!

    Do you think I can rent your friends for my next flame war?

  11. Most users ever online was 4 on June 06 2003,6:24

    Alright!!!! The record has been broken!!!!
    Four whole people on his page simultaneously.
    The Goofy Orangutang must be SO PROUD.

  12. -=e=- the merciless ,

    Oh, certainly. Stop by the MM Truthseeker forum, contact the Committee of Correspondance, or just post ’til you are silly. Tell them you have a dork that is probably a conservative. Tell them they are harassing some poor girl. I am sure they will get all over his shit.

  13. Naw, I think the Rev means if we tell those people at the forum that nutboy is a conservative, they’ll be all over him. Bleeding heart liberals that think all criminals should be set free and need a hug are a little whacko too.

    Vast Center wing conspiracy. Yup that’s me.

  14. Faith

    “Hey Rev, not all conservatives are nuts, and not all nuts are conservatives”

    Actually, the quote by John Stuart Mill is “Conservatives are not necessarily stupid, but most stupid people are conservatives.”

    If you have a counter example to that maxim, I would be happy to entertain the thought 😉


    The key is “dork conservative”, not conservative per se. AQ “dork conservative” of Gator’s type is a Ditto Monkey, the sort of person that just echos some polemic crap they got off Fox News and doesn’t even understand it at that.

    Incidentally, although I have heard much about the mythic criminal hugging liberal I have yet to actually see one in the wild. Of course, that description of “criminals” may include people now spending three consecutive life sentences for being caught with half a joint, so your mileage may vary.

  15. OMG! What a fucking loser this guy is! I almost *ALMOST* feel sorry for him—NOT! But I do feel sorry for his child. What a terrible outlook on life that poor kid is going to have. He’ll be in therapy for the rest of his life. Hopefully, he will seek professional help BEFORE he pulls the trigger.
    Loved all those flame warriors! LMAO!!!!
    Esp. the kid mooning the computer “L’Enfant Provocateur.”
    On his good days, I would dump TGO in that category. On his psychotic days, I would dump him INTO a straight jacket.

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