It’s 10PM. Do you know where your malignant websites are?

Ever use Anonymizer on MySpace? Besides the anonymous surfing, it serves to filter out known malignant websites…. many of whom serve ads there.

You may recall back in July when a malignant ad affected millions there, and Tom urged everyone to upgrade their flash player?

Check this out…

A box ad blocked by Anonymizer
Here is the message that Anonymizer gives you:
The site you are attempting to access has been flagged by Anonymizer’s Malicious Site Filter. Anonymizer blocks many sites used for spyware, viruses, spam robots, phishing scams, and other privacy violations.If you understand that Anonymizer has indicated that this site is dangerous, but you would like to see the page anyway, please select one of the options below.We strongly advise that you do not visit this site.


Tower ad from bulletins page... BLOCKEDBut that’s not the only place this is happening. Some ads go through and some don’t. Here is another screenshot from tonight. A tower ad on the bulletins page was blocked. Certain Leaderboard ads on top has been blocked as well.

  • Rockstar: Supernova
  • Mates1
  • Classmates.Com
  • Webalize.Com

  • Are all ok and show, but the others are being blocked by Anonymizer for some reason.

    Could be something serious. Could be nothing.

    I certainly have no problem with MySpace collecting information with cookies (I believe it’s in the TOS I agreed to.), but anonymizer doesn’t just block ads or sites for little or no reason.

    Does this mean several ad servers have been blocked by Anonymizer? Or is it the ads themselves? Is there still a threat of malignant adware or trojans being transmitted? Is this just part of the business of what they do to give their customers “free” service?

    I don’t know, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to ask….

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