It’s 10PM… do you know who YOUR child married online?

Well they got “married” on Runescape. Seems legit to m… OH COME ON, DO PARENTS EVEN KNOW WHAT THEIR KIDS ARE DOING ONLINE (or offline) ANYMORE???

13-Year-Old Raped by Her Virtual ‘Husband’, 54
A man traveled hundreds of miles three times to have sex with his long-distance wife. That almost sounds like a normal romantic story, right? Well, no…


I’m with the writer on this one. The mother realizes a creepy old man has been coming in town to have sex with your child after the third time? (And I doubt even the 13 year old was dumb enough to believe they were really married in an online game… much less Mr. Pedo.)

Parents: Watch your kids online… or someone else will. *shudders*

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