It’s all fun and games here

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I made the decision to pull any stories of my families ordeals out of my SoApBoX Section.

The original purpose of it was to tell tales of hardship, endurance and ultimately victory. To give people who found themselves in a similar situation some hope, and possibly a solution…

… the only problem is most people on the web are vindictive idiots.

They either have poor reading comprehension skills, or they seem to enjoy pulling a line or two out to use as ammunition against me.

Life doesn’t come as complicated to some people, obviously.
Yet they’re the hateful, miserable, judgmental bastards that they are. Go figure.

So “Enemy of the State”, “The Last One Out”, “A Holiday Wish” and “The Angel with no name” is gone.

It’s not a part of who I am anymore, anyway.

I’m not asking anyone for their permission, or if you even care. My site, my decision. And no, I don’t want to talk about it.

Although close friends and family members *are* trying to talk me INTO writing a book about it all.

EricBrooks.ComĀ® – All fun and games here. And that’s just about it.

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