It’s "Make-a-friend Monday!"

Wow… who’da thunk a day would come when Faith and Graham
would put their squabbling on the side, to give each other high fives
for taking turns kicking me in the nuts??!!?? So glad I could be of assistance,
ya jerks!

She’s also asking her readers “What they want to see more”.
I was very disappointed that “Boris doing some of the typing” wasn’t an option. Ctrl-Alt-Ego
could use something intelligent posted from time to time.

Uncle Joe makes mention of my “Class Clowns/ Village Idiot” piece. He seemed almost insulted. Dude, it was the whole cornerstone of your argument about how you need to play the role of Village Idiot to keep the serious folks at bay. It was somewhere around where you mentioned “there are jerks that I ignore on MetaFilter“… I asked Joe about that hysterical remark several times on MetaFilter, and he keeps forgetting to answer me (along with two emails)… It’s almost like I’m …one…of…those…peop..


But the cheapest shot of all came from Mr. Party Pooper himself:

But the worst thing about the internet is that anyone can publish.“.

Three guesses where that link points to.

I am shocked hurt and dismayed that so many people would chose these un-provoked attacks against me?? (sniffle) Why me??? Why??!!?? (crying) What could I have possibly done??!!??
</Blatant attempt to become poster-child for “Blog Nicely IV“>

I’ll deal with you fuckers later I feel like a little positivity now…..

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