I’ve lost that lovin’ feeling…

I guess with the East Coast Blogger thing happening in less that two weeks, I better get over there and start hyping the thing up. Hope you have EricBrooks.Com bookmarked too. That’s where I’ll be FROM now on. Less speaking & more producing. This site (Anarchtica) will become a thing of the past after our get-together. You’ll note I don’t even send out email notifications anymore…

Fact is, I’ve barely been online lately, have more email to reply to than I know what to do with… I just don’t want to blog anymore. Who am I kidding? I hate blogging! It’s too much work… trying to be interesting, and pretending to be interested in other people (and their narrow points of view, and what they’ve had for lunch)… and, well, I’ve always hated blogging.

sd_11.gifAnd, uhm… I’m obsessed with my “Super Dudes” project…

Episode one is about 2/3 of the way done, and I’m slowly but surely finding better ways to put them together… then I’m sure it will be a big race between D.C. and Marvel to see who gets to sue my ass off first.

I have no enemies to crush.
No rights to wrong…

I’m bored.
I always get INTO trouble when I’m bored.

All the cool kids are INTO comic books, humor, and sex… right?
The potential for satire here is almost unlimited…
If you’re the type to go out in public, wearing an outlandish costume, do things for absolutely no money, then:
1) You want attention.
2) You have some serious issues.

It’s just the perfect combination in blog land… :0)

16 thoughts on “I’ve lost that lovin’ feeling…

  1. So, um…being a ericbrooks.com virgin…

    What does it all mean? *g*

    Or are you going to just tell me “wait and see”?

    (I always hated it when people told me that. I read the ends of books, you know…)

    Hmmm…okay…updating links soon. I will miss the blog though…

    But I’m very intrigued by the cast on your “coming soon” page. 😉

  2. With the super dudes, they will be flash animations in which I’ll just explore the characters in depth.

    Think about it: Captain America. Frozen in an iceberg since WW2. He’s going to have a 1940’s mentality in the 21st century. He’ll be like your grandfather trapped in a 20-something’s body. Spider-Man will be a true New Yorker/Smartass picking apart most people’s flaws. Iron Man will be rethinking all the problems with his high-tech armor everytime he sees someone eating or when he has to go to the bathroom. Stuff like that…

    I’ll be going into the characters on EricBrooks.Com at full depth soon. They’ll be the “spokespeople” in various sections on the site. The main guy (holding the 8 Ball) is “CyberPal”, my mascot.

    I find his resemblance to Solonor uncanny. :0)

  3. I hope you’re serious about Super Dudes, because it sounds like one of the best ideas I’ve ever heard.

    Yes, I have no life.

    And I’ll be your celebrity spokesmodel any day, man!

  4. I’ve replied and I’ve bookmarked as well *S*……and Jon was finally able to link up to your site, but damn man, unable to comment WTF??? I guess I’ll just have to pick up email conversation with you *wink* LOL

  5. guy, that link never left my sidebar! I knew you’d be back…
    *sighs* re: the east coast bloggers, thats right before my mediation comes up…no way I can make it 🙁

  6. I won’t be able to make it to the the shindig. Not so much because I’m more midwest than east coast, but because I’m more broke than not.

    I will be going to ericbrooks.com. It’s in my price range.

  7. LOL!!!
    Nah… to be honest, we really weren’t expecting too many people outsite of the tri-state area to make it. Money’s tight, and this all started as a joke about people crashing at my house (hey… I don’t know you people!!!!). In fact (I can’t remember where I saw it) but there’s another meet up planned in Philly. No way on earth I can make that.

    It’s looking like a nice cozy get-together so far.

  8. Changing your links back to Ericbrooks.com! {{{Hugs}}} Whatever you do, you will be a success. You’re a great guy E, even though you hate to admit it! ;o)

  9. hey -e-! I’m sure it’s all for the best that you’re moving on from here – as much as I enjoy reading your site, you’ve said this was about a different part of your life that thankfully for you and your family has passed. I’ll change the link on the blogroll right away – can’t wait to see what you’re going to do with the super dudes 🙂

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