Jim McGreevey Jokes

I seem to be getting hit by a lot of referrals for Jim McGreevey jokes.
I mean what… The Rude Pundit wasn’t brutal enough?

Well, I haven’t heard any yet, but I can certainly blow (no pun intended) the dust off of some old jokes…Are you FROM Joisey?

In the maternity ward, a supervisor noticed all of the babies crying.

All except one, little Jim McGreevey.

One by one they all were silenced as the nurse popped a pacifier in their mouths.

All except one, little Jim McGreevey.

Supervisor: Look at how wonderfully behaved the McGreevey child is… he never cried and you never had to pop a pacifier in his mouth.

Nurse: If I pull his pacifier out of his ass, he’ll cry just like the rest of them. Trust me.

Q: What is Jim McGreevey’s final wish?
A: To be buried face down so his friends can recognize him.


“The only other thing he did wrong was appoint his lover as homeland security adviser, which was really no big deal.

Think about it: If Al Qaeda set off a dirty bomb in New Jersey… WHO WOULD NOTICE?”

I hate to let web surfers down.
And the Jersey joke was a bonus. I’m a New Yawker, remember?

2 thoughts on “Jim McGreevey Jokes

  1. these are pretty tasteless, but I thought I’d help out:
    Top 10 McGreevey jokes:

    10 nj state bird changed to swallow

    9 nj tpke renamed hershey highway

    8 nj raises terror alert level to lavender

    7 we know he didn’t like bush, but this is ridiculous

    6 now we know why mcgreevey enjoyed “polling” so much

    5 what does mcgreevey and the isreali navy have in common?
    jewish seaman.

    4 nj dmv to now call rear end accidents, a mcgreevey

    3 gives new meaning to stuffing the ballot box

    2 post headline…mcgreevey goes down

    1 shouldn’t take mcgreevey long to get out of the governers
    mansion, he’s already got his shite packed

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