John Kerry blows it (again) Republicans WIN!

Nah. Not really.

It just proves Kerry still sucks at cracking jokes.
Well, Kerry just plain sucks if you want me to be more specific.

What was supposed to be a crack at the “Commander-in-Chimp” (who has an entire WEBSITE dedicated to his verbal misfirings)… well FrankenKerry fucked the whole delivery of the joke up. What do you expect from a guy who blew 2004? Move on Democrats.

Jon Stewart is relieved to know his job is still safe. 😀

See? Soldurs R not dum! They got a good edyacashen!
As reported in this morning’s NY Post, the National Guard in Minnesota shows us
the troops have a great sense of humor… God Bless ’em. HAW! HAW!!! 😀

Does this really change anything with the Mark Foley scandal (giving “No Child Left Behind” a WHOLE NEW meaning.)? The Grand Ol’ Pedophiles? Rush Limbaugh attacking someone afflicted with Parkinsons? Ann Coulter attacking 9/11 widows? Osama still on the loose? The mismanagement of the War in Iraq, the fucked up economy and the trick of lowering gas prices to make us vote Republican?

Nah… I’m still voting Democrat straight down the board on Nov 7th. I’ve had enough with these bozos. How about you?
Like the Rude Pundit said: “Why vote against Republicans? Because FUCK THEM”.

But I’m still filling up my gas tank… because you know the day after election day the gas prices will skyrocket again. EEP!

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